A Little Help with a potential idea

Hey guys,

I’m searching for a little help with an idea that I have. Sports are one of the themes that we often write about, and the standard sports have gotten good treatment. One of my favorite sports is cycling and I’ve seen that in a few stories. But one sport that I have yet to see that I am a fan of is motor racing, particularly F1. So I’ve wanted to cast this out into the board and see if others could help with a story idea that involves motor racing. I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with for this theme.


I know a lot about bikes and nothing about cars.

Well, the leading circuit for auto racing is known as “Formula One”, which certainly has some interesting connotations…

It used to be called Formula 1, nowadays it’s F1 to bring it in line with the levels below it. But I got an idea that the hypnosis happens in the driving simulators.

I could only help with motorbikes, which is my hobby. And maybe stuff around the MotoGP, which I watch occasioanally.