A Manga With Mind Control

Recently, I’ve been enjoying the manga “Sekai de Tadahitori no Mamono Tsukai ~ Tenshoku Shitara Maou ni Machigawa Remashita” or “The Sole Monster Tamer in the World, ~I was Mistaken as the Demon King When I Changed My Job~” by Kakei Senri.

After searching for a long time, Noah finally found the [Divine Job Tome]. With it, he just might be able to get away from his current Divine Job [Hero] and its responsibility! Or so he thought. Because the new job that had been granted to him, [Monster Tamer] was completely unheard of…!?

Despite the name, it’s not an isekai though it has elements from those kind of stories. It definitely has mind control elements to it that are mostly limited to monsters until the most recent chapter at the time of this post (chapter 10) where the possibilites open up.

I recommend trying it if it sounds like something you might be interested in.

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Interesting. Though I do have to ask both if its gay and if its adult.

That said the idea of being a Monster Tamer is a pretty hot idea, especially if the monaters are humanform.

It’s neither so far unfortunately.
Chapter 10 has expanded the roster to include select humans though.