A potential idea for story titles

I didn’t want to put this as a ‘Feature Request’ cause it’s too undercooked. Plus knowing Martin’s methodology (and NOT knowing how this place is actually contracted back end) I wanted to post this “talk through” of an idea I believe should be easy to implement (in some way, if not “my” way as such).
I just can’t imagine what the easiest or most logical way of doing it is.

Here is two versions (with different pros and cons) which I can see it operate.

My (pretend hypothetical) story chapter is called “Adventure of Gary: He turns into a banana”

Idea 1

In the story title box I actually type something like:

“[Adventure of Gary: /Navhide] He turns into a banana”


“Adventure of Gary: [N:He turns into a banana]”

And the result is, when the story appears on it’s page or anywhere else on site,
it appears as

‘Adventure of Gary: He turns into a banana’

But, when the story chapter appears in the chapter navigation bar, you see

‘He turns into a banana’

(not ‘Adventure of Gary: He turns into a banana’)

Pros: you will only be using it if you know how to use it, and it won’t effect users naive or, how the site functions in any way.

Cons: ehh… error prone people ( :eyes:) will have to trial and error to make sure the title appears as they intend in both formats (navigation and normal)

Idea 2

The other way of doing this (different pros, different cons)

Is adding (yet another) box in the submission window, where you can give each chapter, a special shortened Navigation button title.

Pros: very idiot proof
Cons; mistitling or misuse would create less, but more chaotic mistakes, also, yet another submission page input box.

What’s the problem you’re experiencing and why does this solve it?


I wouldn’t call it a “problem I’m experiencing” quite yet.

A Chapter title in Isolation needs to be a full title.

Star Wars Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

but when you’re talking about Star Wars, or watching them in order, you don’t say, “Ok, That was Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back and now let’s watch Star Ward Episode VI - Return on the Jedi”

‘Return of the Jedi’ would suffice. if you were reading them in sequence, clicking on them in a navigation bar, they would just be ‘Return of The Jedi’.

They would be

[Click here for ‘The Empire Strikes Back’]


[Click here for ‘The Force Awakens’]


[Click here for 'Star Wars Episode V - The Em…]


[Cick here for 'Star Wars Episode VII - The Fo…]

Like, the Chapter Titles need to name the story properly, but in the navigating bar you only need the… “Episode Title”. As well as this, longer titles look ugly and may end up needing to be truncated to fit a navigation box where the information that actually matters gets removed, or else, making a massive big navigation button with tiny text.