A seperate category for fan fiction

I’m starting to notice an awful lot of fan fiction coming in on a seemingly semi-regular basis. I can’t speak for everyone but I personally think fan fiction should be categorized as such for easy filtering for those that both want to see it and those that would rather not have to scroll all of them. I feel it’s an inherently different type of story than an original one, regardless of the fetish.

And while I’m here I’ll just say on my wish-list would be a separate category for Superhero stories (fan fiction or original) as well. I think a story about costumed superheroes is a different genre of story than simply “Powers and Magic”. The ability to choose two potential categories for a story instead of one might also be useful.

Just some suggestions.

I don’t mind a new tag for that, like #fanfiction. There is already a #superhero tag by the way.

You could actually add that tag yourself to all the stories you think should be tagged with it.

A separate category is not such a good idea, though, since the categories are used to categorize the means of mind control or kink, like “hypnosis”, “tranformation” or “reality change”. A fanfic story or superhero story could fit in any of these categories!

The tag feature is meant to tag a story with many aspects, as the category has a different purpose.

If you don’t want to see superhero stories, you can always block that tag, I guess that should serve the purpose you’re looking for, doesn’t it?

A weighted tag like #fanfiction meaning any story that contains characters from established fiction is an amazing idea.

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I think a tag of fanfiction makes perfect sense and totally should be presented on stories that make use of characters from established fictions.

The tag has been added some time ago.

My bad, didn’t see the 18 day note. So oops.

For some reason this message seemed new to me.

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Pardon my ignorance and delay, but we’re allowed to post fan-fiction now? I just assumed the stuff that was up was a few errant stories getting past the review process by accident, but if that’s not the case, that’d be awesome!

The rule that “real life” persons cannot be used in stories has been dropped a couple of weeks ago. And fictional characters were ok for a long time already. So there’s no explicit rule against fan-fiction left!

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Wow! I’ve been skirting my way around the real life persons rule for my whole GSS career, lol. I feel like I’m stuck in my ways, now, though. Well… it clearly isn’t too hard to find my muses anyway. Lol

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