A story I posted someplace else that you might enjoy

Here’s one that I just wrote that isn’t quite EMC enough for here.

So you can find
A Level One Quest: The Sexy Sepulcher Slime Search

A Halfling Rogue (Lvl 1) tries to loot a dungeon that appears to be an abandoned gay bath house. Pool… the Lvl 69 Slime Lord who lives there has a sticky situation planned for both the character and his player.

MM, Goo, Slime, Transformation

Hot story, Topaz! You’re a master of those kinds of bizarre post-human transformations. And this absolutely belongs on Gay Spiral Stories. Better GSS than SoFurry (which has such an infuriatingly bad interface, I can’t even see if you’ve posted other stories there).

Yes there are other stories there…most are also elsewhere. I think uou can search on author there by clicking the name.

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You can only do that if you register at SoFurry. As a big fan of your work, I hope you post it all to Gay Spiral Stories as well.