Accessing Discord

I tried logging in to the Discord channel, but I’m locked in a Capcha loop. Every time I click on the pix and then Verify, it keeps returning to the beginning. I’d like to vote, but for some reason I can’t ger there.

Oh dear. Hm. Did you have a Discord account prior to trying to log into the Discord channel? Or were you making a Discord account as part of logging into the channel?

I ask just because there’s a particular glitch I’ve encountered before, which only activates if you try joining the server first and then make your brand-new Discord account via that process. I’ve found it helpful to make a Discord account separately first, via Discord’s main page. Then afterwards, I joined the server via the link on the site’s main page, and then it works for me. But I might be describing a separate issue than the one that you’re encountering?

Thanks. I already have a Discord account but haven’t used it in a long time. I’ll try it from my phone and see if that helps.

I’m having a problem accessing the Discord as well. No information will come up regarding the discord. It just takes me to a blank Discord page.

Are you on an Apple device?

I’m on a linux PC.

And you can access Discord in the browser just fine?

Actually, there should be a Discord client for most Linux distributions, as it’s just a node application. I didn’t really check this though.

Yes, i can access other in browser Discord servers just fine. I also have the native linux Discord client.

Would you be willing to give me a new link to the Discord and see if it works?

It was totally user error. I figured it out. I’m very sorry to bother you.

No problem :slight_smile: