Anyone interested in fleshing out a story, I’m no writer but I got a lil start

“It took some time but I did it.” Aaron said

Looking around the locker room of the Dawson-Wade state football team Aaron liked what he saw. The daydream of having the most winning HBCU football team in the nation under his control was really only a fantasy only a few weeks ago but now here they where. The rows of naked ebony bodies, hard dicks and vacant eyes with empty minds awaiting his commands was the most intoxicating thing he had ever seen. Basking in the glory he can only think of how this all started.

The coach

Arron always knew he had a thing for control. It really took off in high school when the school brought in a hypnotist on senior skip day. The boner he got when the was proof enough. When he saw the big man on campus Sean Grant go into trance right in front of him he thought he might cum on the spot. Being your normal guy in high school, he never got the chance to hang out with the cool crowd. Arron was no looker but he blended in high school. He had short cut black hair and dark brown eyes an average build at about 5’ 10" . no six pack but a nice flat stomach, nothing special. His brown complexion was not light nor very dark. No he was just your ordinary black guy and he liked it that way, it helped him to fly under the radar and check things out from the background.

Sean was more the thing Aaron was into when it comes to a mindless puppet to control. Large football build, he was about 6’ 4" with a very light Carmel skin tone six pack abs with large strong arms and nice meaty chest. But best of all was his dick, a few peeks in the locker room was conformation on the rumors. A solid 10 cut

It seems like you have a solid piece of a story written so far. I would suggest you keep working on it and see where it goes. Often times I have so many ideas and when I go for my morning walks (especially when I’m alone) the ideas will start to play out and words will come to me. The ideas will reach this stage where I have a section worked out; the only thing to do at that point is to continue writing and see where they go. I think you’re capable of doing that. If you come to an impasse and can’t go further then come to the forum for help. That’s my advice.