Are there any such topics?

Good afternoon. I am from Russia and do not know much English. Can i ask you? I am interested in such topics:

  1. A guy steals in a diving store, he is brainwashed, forced to serve as a diver exhibit, with a constant erection, walk around the mall in a wetsuit all day, then forced to swim in the water pool for days on end, advertising equipment. And at night serving the owner of the store.
  2. The guy is caught by a crazy owner of a motorcycle club and forcibly makes him a motorcyclist on a sports bike in order to win a motorcycle race.
  3. selling guys for sale in the form of dog slaves, with mind control (hypnosis), it is imperative that they understand what they are doing with them, necessarily a tattoo, a chastity belt, a tail, a collar. necessarily publicity, it is desirable that their school friends like help them to swear and turn into dogs.

Welcome s19I. For no. 3, somewhat along the lines you suggest, I strongly recommend: Fullfilling Their Destiny.

For no. 2, there is a story here about a guy who sneaks into a game master’s workshop and experiments with an augmented reality game where there is a motorcycle involved, eventually becoming the motorcyclist. I forget what is the name but it’s a good story.