Author Issues

While going through the stories that need work, I noticed this author who is clearly the same as this one but just has a typo in the name.

(PS, I intend this thread to be used for any author issues, not just the one I’m reporting, so please feel free to add your own.)


I’ve fixed that. It happens quite often, since there are many people not using the “Author Name” setting in the user profile. Whenever I come across such an error, I fix it, but there are most certainly MANY occurrences from before my time or which I just missed.

So please let me know if you come across other problems like that. And thank you for taking care of the “Stories in Need”! :slight_smile:

I have a little bit of input too. I find that there are some series that skip a story, but then when you click on the author, the story exists. For example, ChaoticDjinn’s Overseas Operation series is listed as having 3 stories, but there are actually 4. Part 3 just isn’t included in the series page, even though it should be. This is also the case with a couple Wesley Bracken stories, I think. Is there anything you can do about that?

Some stories are not assigned properly to a series. Usually, because the author didn’t use the correct “Series Name” when submitting a story.

If I come across such a problem, I’ll fix it. But of course there are many instances I’ve missed. “Gilded Vessel: Overseas Operation” is such an instance. I’ve just fixed it. Thanks for letting me know!