Author Update: RobinHood70

I’ve been looking at absman420’s thread, POLLINATION, and thinking that it was a really great idea to have a single forum post where an author can provide updates, answer questions, that sort of thing. Up until now, I’ve usually just been doing that in story comments, but centralizing it here on the forums is much more useful. Maybe this’ll even become a thing, with several authors maintaining an update thread.

So, here’s where I’m at:

Web of Trust: This is on hold for the moment. I know more or less what the next chapter is, but I’m not feeling terribly inspired right now. I also have several later chapters either partly on paper or at least in my head. There’s one transitional chapter, though—the chapter after the next one—that’s going to be awkward. I think I can make it work as “Timmy’s Journal”, documenting things that happened while Peter was away, doing a bit of character development, and some sporadic sex. But I’m not convinced that’s the best plan. A lot of the stuff I want to add to the story has already been mentioned or alluded to, so the journal might come off as a little weak, but I can’t see how to realistically write it into a normal chapter. I might release it as some kind of “supplemental material” sort of thing. I dunno.

Cop A Feel: This is a new-old story I’ve been working on for quite some time now, but I’ve recently been re-inspired. It was the idea I mentioned in this post. The story features a father, who’s a cop, and his two sons. The older son is the one mentioned in the post. I see it as four chapters, but because of the structure of the story, I’d like to get the first three chapters done before I release it, or at the very least, have the third chapter in first draft. There are a few things that need to be coordinated among the chapters, or where the idea I have might not work out, so might necessitate minor revisions to what I’ve already written. So, once I’m confident that I’m in good shape, I’ll start putting this out.

Clue: This one’s almost done, with I think only one more scene to be written, but I put it down about two years ago and haven’t looked at it much since. Edlam really likes what I’ve done with it so far, though, so I might pick it up again at some point and finish it. The story is marginally bisexual, but fairly light on the male-female sex. It’s written such that you don’t know who the hypnotist actually is until close to the end, though I’ve left a few vague clues, hence the name.

Other Father-Son(s) Stories: I kind of went through a slew of father-son story starts at one point. There are a couple of these that I like well enough to finish, but I don’t want to flood my story list with a ton of father-son stories…that gets monotonous after a while. So, I might pick one and develop it, but probably these are on hold for now as well.

Sci-Fi Story: This one’s an idea I’ve been tossing around in my head for probably close to a decade now and I’m giving some thought to writing it up. It would not be a traditional porn story, but rather a mix of sci-fi and porn, with some chapters being entirely sex-free while others would be sex-heavy. The concept is that aliens (who are entirely off-screen or in supplemental material) have transported a small group of humans to another planet, saving us from an otherwise extinction-level WW3. The colonists have been somewhat altered, however, in the hopes of encouraging them not to evolve into the exact same thing that caused our near-extinction the first time around. Specifically, they have very long lives and certain abilities, but they don’t quite follow the same social organization as we do. The story follows a young boy who wakes up in this new world and slowly discovers and develops his abilities over the course of a decade or more. Naturally for the site’s theme, this involves a form of domination, so lots of opportunities for sex (not while the boy is still young, though, obviously…that part will be purely sci-fi and exploring his character and abilities).

Fantasy Story: I literally just came up with this idea today while reading the Thomas Covenant series once again. The magic concept is based on Linden Avery’s abilities, for those familiar with the books, in the sense that most people can essentially delve animate and inanimate objects to varying degrees, but with different specific skills. It would essentially be the fantasy equivalent of a college story, centering on one or more characters as they’re taught about their abilities. The concept is obviously at least somewhat similar to the Sci-Fi story, so I suspect I’d only write one, but I think this one would be easier for me to write. Both are still way far on the back-burner at this point, though.

Health-wise, I’ve been pretty much bed-ridden since Christmas with significant hip pain, which was really hampering my ability to concentrate on much of anything. My doctor was no help at all (after five months of disabling pain, his advice was “take Advil and do some yoga”). With some Googling on various physiotherapy sites, however, I was able to narrow down the issue and I seem to be on the road to recovery now. The ME/CFS (which I think most of you know about by this point) will likely slow that down significantly, but I can at least concentrate on things to some degree now, so writing should start picking up once again.


Like you, I tend to answer questions thoroughly in the story comments, but it doesn’t generate discussion. Also, I wanted to do promos for the upcoming work. Thanks for starting this thread!


I can attest, you have SEVERAL amazing ideas that are works in progress :stuck_out_tongue: and Clue is a great great great story.


Sending good vibes, hope you’re able to figure out a treatment process! Really excited about these story ideas, especially Cop a Feel and Clue (as a Clue and Agatha Christie fan), but I hope you’re taking it slow as you recover and figure things out.

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I just sent the first chapter of Cop A Feel to my proofreaders, so it should be out soonish.


I’ve now gotten a good start on the transitional Web of Trust chapter that I was having so much trouble with. I abandoned the journal idea that I’d been considering, as it just presented too many problems The journal itself is still referenced in the story, since it fits with the backstory that you’ve seen hints of, where all hypnotists take notes about their subjects and often receive instructions from Peter.

The new chapter is getting quite long, even by my standards, so I suspect I’ll split it into three, since there are already three logical sections to it anyway. Ironically, that puts it back to my original plan of three chapters from Timmy’s POV, only they’re nothing like the original three I was thinking of. Those became the Nick/Lucas, Jeff, and Matt chapters. Matt’s a new one-off, who will be the focus of the next chapter, then you’ll see the three Timmy chapters, which will include a lot storytelling in the first and third parts, with a lot of sex in the second.

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I struggle with length too. (Thank Dog for poppers. Haha)

I try to bring a chapter in around 3500-4K words, which I feel is a comfortable read. My own attention span can’t handle much more.

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