Automatic titling fails (maybe) with bullets

There seems to be a problem with automatic titles. It’s very weird, though, seemingly working or not working at random.

When I first posted to the thread about the guy who’s stealing stories, all the links showed as titles in preview, but when I actually posted, they only showed as bare links. Now, in this post, when I first cut and paste the code, they showed as titles in preview, but after editing for a bit, they’re only showing as bare links. For added randomness, though, I linked one of my own stories as the first and last bullet, and those ones show as their proper titles in preview. I won’t know until I save this whether they show that way in the actual post.

Edit: it seems to be a timing thing and presumably a javascript thing. They showed up bare for a couple of seconds, then the post reverted to its original edit for a few seconds, then it updated again and they all showed up with proper titles. They never auto-updated in the other thread, but maybe I just needed to wait. :man_shrugging: Ultimately, I posted them as proper Markdown links and that worked flawlessly.