Background Corruption

This is going to take a bit of set-up, so bear with me —

Twenty years or more ago, I read this odd story on Usenet called something like “Hotel Dinosaur.” The main plot was about a bunch of college-age guys working summer jobs at a resort somewhere in a locale with dinosaurs. (The resort was accessed through a portal, but as far as I can remember it never made it clear whether it was in the past or another dimension.) Basically the story was about them sexually experimenting with one another (bjs, handjobs, some buttfucking), with one main summer romance. So far, so vanilla.

BUT - and here’s what makes the story odd - it had a more sinister background. As some kind of weird affirmative action thing, to work at the resort guys had to have had at least one same-sex sexual experience. (At the beginning of the story a guy who had worked there the previous year “helped” a previously entirely straight guy “qualify” for the cushy job.) The hotel newsletter had a column which promulgated misinformation about heterosexual sex, giving really over-the-top warnings about the risks of pregnancy and VD. In a weird swerve into S&M, the hotel detectives warn the arriving collegeboys that any sexual harassment/rape allegations against girls will be punished with CBT! Lots of gay porn is easily available. In short, there seems like there’s a concerted effort by the management of the hotel to discourage heterosexuality and encourage as much homosexuality as possible. One of the guys even mentions it casually at one point - “they’re trying to turn us all into fags” - but none of the boys seem particularly concerned about it or even mention it again. The guy I mentioned above (the one who “helped” the straight guy qualify) exhanges email with a member of the staff about the straight guy and says he would be a good candidate and he’s going to try to reel him in. So obviously he’s in on the conspiracy … but it’s never mentioned again. The whole conversion/recruitment effort is just low-level background, and at the end of the story there’s no explanation or resolution. Perhaps there was a sequel which elaborated on the scenario, but if so I never saw it. It was just really one of the stranger stories I have ever seen, just because of the contrast between the sunny, playful foreground story and what’s implied to be going on behind the scenes.

So I was wondering if anyone knows of any stories with a similar scenario? Obviously with a setup like that, it would have to be pretty slow-burn, but I would really prefer one that eventually explains at least a little of what’s going on.

And if there aren’t any examples, maybe this description could inspire some writers to give something like this a try?

I don’t remember this particular story, but I know the theme of a resort/hotel/camp, etc converting straight guys to gay is fairly common. Do you remember what the end goal was by this “sinister “ organization to generate all these gay guys? Other than just being a fun thing, lol.

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That’s the whole point - it’s never explained.

I don’t want to give the wrong idea. This is just a background element, but one that interested me. Most of the story doesn’t deal with this - mostly it’s guys giving tours to see the dinosaurs, running kiosks, etc. and then messing around together sexually in various ways after work. The stuff I mentioned above is just thrown in casually every now and then. Also, I should emphasize there’s no actual MC - just nudging and manipulation (and also some threats, like the head of Hotel Security saying in a speech he’ll electroshock dudes’ dongs and nuts if they mess inappropriately with girls). Though, as I said, it’s very odd no one really reacts to the very obvious bias.

There is some series on here - I think unfinished - which involves 4-5 straight guys going to a beach resort and - of course - one by one they get hypnotized or mind controlled to become gay. Sorry that I can’t recall the story but maybe the setting will help with search terms.

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I think I get what you mean by background corruption and how interesting it can be when it’s never resolved or elaborated on.

There’s an ABDL story that was posted here recently that had a lot of clues and subtle hints suggesting that the roommate character was responsible for the bouts of bed-wetting and pants-wetting that the protagonist experiences that leads him down a path where his roommate assumes the role of a caregiver and winds up becoming his full on daddy. But we only see things from the protagonists perspective and he never suspects his roommate or figures anything out. And then the story ends with him quite happily deciding to be gay and have the roommate be his daddy but those sinister background elements are never addressed or resolved and once the roommate gets what he wants, he actually is a nice and loving daddy with no sinister vibes.

I felt like the background corruption never being revealed or explained properly to the reader has helped the story lodge itself in my mind far more than a fully explained resolution would have.

It’s an idea that I will definitely keep in mind for future stories of my own. It’s almost slightly a mean tactic for an author to employ, but I think it’s maybe an effective one!


I recall the story like that where the guys all become staff members after becoming gay and having their bodies transformed.

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