Big dumb and hairy

Maybe there is something like this here already. I have a fantasy about jocks getting muscled up and growing thick chest hair, their intelligence reduced next to nothing, and turned into cock sucking bottoms


I think there are, dunno about the hair tho. Look by transformation tag.
Tho in my opinion, I prefer them already big and hairy, then turned into slaves~

Thanks for the help. I’m obsessed with fur on muscle, huge cocks help to. It would be fun to see jocks/fratboys obscenely muscled up and dumbed down

Love these kinda stories!

Idea I’ve been thinking about. I’m not a writer so I hope you all like it.

Nick sat drinking his coffee. His thoughts felt slow. It wasn’t like thinking was Nick’s strong suit to begin with. Three years out of highschool Nick had been working construction. He didn’t choose manual labor as a career, he didn’t have the money for college and he wasn’t lucky enough to get a scholarship. Nick’s luck had finally changed or at least he thought it had changed, while working on the Barrymore project. Mr Barrymore had taken a liking to the tall dark haired former linebacker. Nick was flattered but cautious. He had no idea what business Barrymore was in. All he did know was that Barrymore had two freakishly huge bodyguards. The body guards were dressed identically in crisp white shirts that were unbuttoned a little too far revealing thick swath of fur on their chests. Nick didn’t think anything of any of this… He politely accepted the business card from Mr. Barrymore. Nick entered the tower and headed too Mr. Barrymore’s office. Nick looked around the consulting office. There were at least 5 more of the bodyguards all dressed identical. There were other young men sitting in the office all looked similar to nick.

This is all I have I hope you like.

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@zenpirate2006 that was a good start, you should give writing the whole story a try!