Body Types / Races that don't get enough play?

I have loved reading the topics about what you want more of (What stories do we need more of?) and POC representation (More characters of color plz) and I’m working on an idea that allows for a lot of flexibility with the participants so…

Are there any body types you find sexy that don’t turn up in stories much?
I’m going to make it diverse but any particular race you find underrepresented?

Let me know and I’ll put them to work :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the ‘Dad Bod’ look. A beer belly mixed with some muscle. A lot of characters on here are, of course, hyper muscular/athletic, or at the very least rather slim - which is understandable given the sexual nature of the stories - but not always realistic. A little bit of chubbiness is something I enjoy in the right contexts.

Unless it’s relevant to the story I just leave race deliberately ambiguous.


I always liked to see more asian guys in positions of dominance/control. Not too many I’ve come across over the years :smiley:


While I’m not a particular fan myself, I don’t think I’ve ever seen either a Native American/First Nations person (naming varies between countries) or a Polynesian in any of the stories I’ve read, so those might be something to consider.


Ditto with Indigenous Aussies.

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