Bookmarks: Great feature of the site I missed and feel stupid about

There’s just little aspects of this site I keep missing and then realizing they are exactly what I wanted. This time, it’s the “Bookmarks”. I have been opening up tabs of the stories I want to read and letting it get huge, or sending them to my phone to read there, and was just thinking “I really wish I could have my stories I want to read in a collection I could access on the site”, and there it was, waiting for me to notice it all along.

Not only that but in addition to bookmarks there’s a favorites options so you can segregate those you really like and intend to return to, and those you just want to keep (perhaps temporarily). Very nice set-up!


Note that you can also add a bookmark to a paragraph inside a story. Just click on the barely visible mark on the top left of each paragraph to bookmark that paragraph.

Next time you open the story, it will automatically scroll to that paragraph.

Also, there is a list of all your bookmarked stories in the User menu. As well as the favorite stories, @nycboot mentioned.


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