Breaking the Fictional Wall

So I just got to read Slave Abdamelek’s latest chapter of his Rise of the Pharaoh series, where he makes himself into a character in the story. And that just got me thinking about all sorts of things but above all, what stories on the site would I love to enter into and be a part of. I also have the idea of maybe making that a theme or a challenge for the authors to write. Some of the masters on this site (e.g. @Hypnothrill or @rubbrsome for me) have a whole set of stories and worlds to choose from within their own work; others like myself are just starting out to create stories and worlds for this site and would only be able to choose one world.

So I thought I might throw these out here not only for discussion but also as a potential theme/challenge.

1.) If you could enter in any of the worlds on this site and become part of the mind control/hypnosis/etc. what world would that be and why? (You don’t have to choose one if there are multiple worlds you would like to enter)

2.) If you are an author on the site, which of the worlds you’ve created would you like enter and become part of the mind control/hypnosis/etc. what world would that be and why?

And lastly the writing challenge
3.) If you are an author, what story could you see yourself writing yourself into and why? Also, would you be up to actually write that story?

Since I proposed it, I’ll go first with the answers.

Let me start with #2 first: Since the only story I have on the site is my Symbiote: Army in Black I’m confined to that story. But I enjoy the story I’ve written so far and would have no problem bonding with Theo, Ryan, and the others and spreading the symbiote as far as we could.

Next #1: There are quite a few stories I would like to enter and become a mind-controlled character. Since I’m very into the uniform/soldier/cop angle that’s where I would end up among the worlds. So to start, I could see myself in @PupScout’s The Submarine world; I personally would like some sort of uniform, but again whichever sailor would come my way I would easily submit and be processed. Also his Police Piss Pups world; I wouldn’t have a problem with the pissing on me, just with the barking like a dog.
Anonymous’s All Hail The Emperor is another world I could see myself in, but I probably wouldn’t end up as a cop or soldier. If I had to be a worker in that world I would want my face to be uncovered.
PreppifiedGuy’s Gary in the Dressing Room is a world I could belong to if it would allow me to wear a uniform, not just preppy style.
Marketingbatman’s Nano-symbiote and wishbone blue’s Bargain series are both worlds I would enter into and submit.
And lastly @absman420’s Pollination: the series.

And #3: A number of the above stories I could see myself writing myself into; All Hail The Emperor is a story I want to expand upon, so I could write myself into the story if I want. But I would definitely write myself into Mreyes8230’s Little Friends, just minus the sexual component.

So that’s my take on this matter; sorry for giving 20 cents instead of two. But I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.


If I would respond in the usual sense, it would be “yes, I love these stories so much I’d wish I were a part of them.” And some of them are like yours: certainly Bargain, Pollination - both the stand-alone story and the series, so many of rubbrsome’s worlds especially (of course) Brainfeed and The Alignment, also Belial’s Legacy (oh, to have the attributes of a demon!). In all of the above I can see myself being taken under mind control. There’s one story where I would love to be the controller: The Wallet.

  1. Why? It’s sort of what rubbrsome expresses so eloquently: It’s being part of something that’s larger than yourself yet to which you belong. And of course all the sexual fulfillment that comes with it. I don’t deny that our desire for mind control or transformation speaks something to our own desire to transcend our current circumstances.

  2. I’m currently writing a story in which I’d love to inhabit the world of one of the protagonists. But wait until I publish it. :slight_smile:

  3. I’m going to do exactly that. The author wishbone blue has never completed his fabulous story Bargain. I’ve written to him and he sounds like he’s in a different place nowadays. It’s my intention to write a proposed concluding chapter.

  1. Since most of my stories derive from my own fantasies, it’s probably not surprising that I would choose one of my own worlds to enter into, so see 2. That said, I’m a huge fantasy fan and love the idea of having some kind of magical ability, but there’s no specific story on the site that jumps out at me. I’m thinking something more along the lines of the popular fantasy series The Wheel of Time, and the mid-range strength Compulsion we see there. My subjects are still mostly themselves, but eagerly and happily my sexual playthings.

  2. As much fun as having Peter’s life would be in Web of Trust, he’s a lot more social than I am. Having that many people around me all the time, even if hypnotically obedient ones, would drive me up the freaking wall! I’d be much happier with a setup more like Like Son, Like Father, where it’s just me being my usual homebody self, and a couple of hypnotized guys to make sure I don’t get bored. :wink:

  3. The only story I want to write myself into—and I intend to at some point, I just haven’t gotten around to more than a brief outline yet—is a semi-fictional autobiography. In that story as I imagine it, most of the details about me are accurate, but the setting is fictional in that I have a completely made-up distant cousin (admittedly, partly inspired by a couple of my distant relatives) who comes to live with me as he goes through college. He’s having a bit of trouble with being out on his own and with studying in general, so I offer to help him with hypnosis. Naturally, high jinks ensue. While most of my stories incorporate my own sexual interests to a large degree, I do insert interests I don’t actually share, just for variety (e.g., Peter’s interest in large butt toys and, to a lesser extent, piss play). In this story, it would be strictly what I enjoy in real life—nothing more, nothing less.

Thank you for the response; I think you express very well what rubbrsome’s stories provide. I definitely am trying to strive for that in my own stories. I would love to see what you do with the conclusion of Bargain. It was a great story that just never reached its end; if you’re up to the conclusion, I’d be willing to write a few side stories of Ari’seth’s army growing.

Thanks for your response; I can understand the magic and fantasy angle. I actually used to be a D&D player and some of my most established characters were actually a group of lawful good vampires who were servants of the GM’s character. They were loyal to a vampire master who didn’t fully appreciate their loyalty and they were the master’s playthings at times.

I look forward to reading your work when you write it. I have a new storyline about a guy who has the power to enter into fictional worlds and begins to travel into the worlds of the stories on the site. Some stories, like Bargain, are dangerous as they potentially could lure him in and make him a part of the world forever. But all this is from the great stories and the great community here.

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Fun question, I’ll bite.

A little insight first. I’m gay, I’m out, I’m attractive enough, I’m athletic enough, sometimes I even put on a tank top and wave the rainbow flag a little, but I often feel inhibited and don’t go to enjoy the ‘gay lifestyle’ like a lot of dudes I know. I can’t tell if that’s just my personality, or if that’s internalized homophobia, or what. A theme that runs through a lot of my stories is that they’re not just about men turning into slutty himbos, but slutty himbos who embrace their gay wholeheartedly.

In other words, I want my smarts and my inhibitions to get the fuck out of the way and let me live the life I see in movies and on the internet. And I don’t want it to be a choice I make, because if it is, my inhibitions would stop me from taking the first step.

If I could enter any of the worlds on the site:

  1. I’d love to play a game of Himringyo by Baralai. I love board games, and I love the random but targeted way the guys all get transformed. I love how the guys become uninhibited and slutty and become these fucked up kinky ideals of men. And through the whole thing, they’re loving it and they just wanna go further and faster. There’s no way to guarantee how I’d end up, but I can guarantee I’d love it.

  2. I’d like to visit Kingsbury Harbor by screamingmoist. This one’s on his Patreon, but it’s this little seaside tourist & fishing town where men are occasionally caught up in incredible and life changing transformations. The guys love what they become, and though they might resist the transformation, eventually they accept their new lives enthusiastically. Like in Himringyo, there’s a lot of different ways I could be turned into a kinky dream, but I know I’d be happy at the end of it.

As an author, what works have you created that you’d want to enter and become part of?

I mean, just about all of them, but I ran through my list and picked a few of the ones I want to enter the most.

  1. Capacity - This is one I wrote years ago about an older guy who body swaps with a young stud. Things don’t go quite as he plans, since he might be running the same ‘software’, but the brain he swaps into sure isn’t the same ‘hardware’. Both swappers end up happy, with the protagonist learning how to be the kind of careless young bro I wish I could be.

  2. Lucky Number Seven - This is one about an overthinking nerd who gets drugged and manipulated by a manipulative bastard who gets off on turning smart dudes into dumb sluts. The protagonist goes through a series of slow changes that bake him into a carefree stud. I love getting high, partially because I feel like it gives me just a fraction of release that the protagonist gets in this story.

  3. Control Yourself - This is a five part story I wrote about a smart but shy guy who hooks up with his fantasy dude and ends up cursed as a result. He gets locked in a cock cage that he can open at any time, but if he gets off too soon, he’ll end up permanently dumb. If he makes it a couple days without getting off, he’ll get the body without the dumbness. I wouldn’t want to be the protagonist in this story, but rather his friend Andrew who slides right into his role as a muscled up Himbos.

  4. Hey, you’re straight, right? - This is a trilogy I wrote about a gay dude and two straight friends who go out to a gay bar. Over the course of the night, both straight friends are transformed into stereotypes based on their ideas about who they’d be if they were gay. The gay dude gets out of his head and learns to embrace his desires. If I had to pick one of the guys to be in this story, it’d be Tucker, who turns into a pretty and fun airhead.

What story would you write yourself into?

I actually just wrote a story like this, Kingsbury Harbor - Someone Comes to Town. This came out of my fantasy about what could happen if I took a trip to Kingsbury Harbor, a story that I mentioned back during the first question. Sure, I’m no college wrestler, but I wrote Nick as a stand-in for myself, and Puka as the guy I’d love to transform into.

When I role play on Discord (mostly in DM) I inhabit the fictional world/universe where all of my stories are set.
The magician gives me magic tags to use and I abide by their canonical rules-of-use along with anything else I mention from my stories while RPing. My flat mates are often characters mentioned in passing, or in some cases not at all, or from stories released and unreleased.

There is a slowly moving forward lore / world events / shifts in power which, as that side of my fiction doesn’t fit on GSS (non porn, Geeky magic stuff), I simply do not publish anywhere. It is experienced by me along and whichever random person is RPing with me at that moment.

There’s a lot of stories in my head that won’t end up on GSS. One that I’ve mentioned elsewhere in post in my story in the world of the 80’s cartoon Spiral Zone. A fellow author thought that it could but the story does have children under mind control (the series did this and I’m just following suit, nothing sexual at all), and once I realized that I knew it would have to appear on another site once I write it. Equally, there are characters that I’ve created for D&D that I feel I have a number of stories to tell, but their stories don’t really fit in here. But I think the stories here are ones that enjoy going into the world and that has prompted its own story.