Brian and Pete stories by Dewey

HI everyone. I’m looking for a story title that was not likely ever published here. It was written by a person who went by the name of Dewey or sometimes Dwayne. From what historical info I can find on the net, they appear to have been very popular stories. At one point there were at least 4 separate but intertwined powerful multi-chapter stories about 2 teens named Brian and Pete. He published one of the series on Nifty. The author has disappeared. His website has disappeared, but I used the wayback machine to find that 4 of the series were listed on his website before it went away. His email address doesn’t work. I found listings on some sketchy book selling download sites and a reference to listings for 6 e-books (Books by Brian Andrew Kellam (Author of For The Love Of Pete)). Amazon had them at one time but has delisted them and I can’t find them anywhere. They don’t seem to exist anywhere. I’m thoroughly hooked on these incredible powerful stories and I’d like to find all of them to finish reading the entire series. I can’t find “For the Love of Brian”, or “The Power of Love” anywhere. If anyone has copies of these , even the e-books, I would be forever grateful if you would share them with me. Has anyone heard of them?

The author also used the name Dwayne. He published once on, and a bunch on his own story publishing website (long since gone).