Browser compatibility

Our sites use state-of-the-art latest browser technologies which make it challenging to get it to work on older devices and browsers.

Still, I don’t want to block out people with older devices, they should have access to our stock of stories just as well. That’s why I’ve just paid some Euros for to be able to test all kinds of devices and browser versions. And I tried to fix various issues which kept the sites to working on older versions.

That only goes so far, obviously, but I was able to fix some issues, especially for older Apple devices that might still be in use.

Here’s a list of the oldest OS and browser versions that are confirmed to work. Not always perfectly, but at least so you can use the site just fine:

Android: 4.4 (Chrome)

iOS: Version 9.1 (Safari)

Safari 9.1 (flickering shadows)

Edge: 80 (all versions)

Firefox: 34
Chrome: 49
Opera: 36


Wow! That is really going above and beyond Martin. The GSS and it’s siblings are free sites, maintained by you and in your spare time when you aren’t making a living professionally. That you would pay to get virtual access to different browser/device combos so that you can fix the site on older setups is fantastic. I really hope everyone, and not just the authors, understand how much time and effort and money you’ve put into all this.

As always, you do an amazing job with the sites and it’s very much appreciated.