Bugs & Quirks

In this topic you can tell me anything that doesn’t seem to work properly. Please don’t hesitate to write it here, I can only fix things I know about!

Whenever I search by tags, the tags filter opens up and immediately closes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hm. I’ve just tried that it looks to work fine for me.

Can you explain exactly what you’re doing? And please make sure that you’re not using “NoScripts” or anything like that, since the site’s UI depends on Bootstrap and JQuery, which is heavily script-based.

For example, I use the Chrome browser in incognito on a Mac. It auto-updates so you can assume the latest one, even though this bug has been here for a long time.

If you click a tag, for example mind control, it takes you to the list page for that tag. When it first opens, the tags selector is open but in a brief moment it closes.

Ah, I get it.

You click on a tag listed somewhere on the site, like on a story, right? That’ll take you to the tag search page that includes the tag selector at the top. And that selector closes right away.

That’s intended! You already have a tag selected (the one you clicked). You can always reopen the tag selector to select other tags by clicking the button on the right:

Does that resolve your problem?

I am seeing someone else’s profile! How did this happen?

If you click on the community link on the main site without having logged on, you’re automatically logging on with an anonymous account. This account is shared!

I can’t disable that people are changing the settings of the shared anonymous account. But I’ll put up a warning on the main page, so if someone enters the forum anonymously, he know what happens.

If you want to use your own forum account, make sure to log on on the main page first.

I’ve just put a dialog box on the “Community” link on the main site in case the user is currently not logged in, to inform him, that he has to login first or has to access the forum anonymously only.

@Martin, is it normal that when you go to the next page, it starts open and then immediately closes? My expectations is that it should stay open or close to begin with, and with a user interaction, it changes that state.

@anonymous I believe I made it do that way back when, so that people know where the list of tags went, in case they don’t see the button to expand them. Discoverability of features is a big problem with the site in general.

Is it ruining the experience of using the site for you? Or just mildly irritating to watch it flash when you search for tags?

I’m logged in to my account on the main site, but when I go to the forums it puts me in the anonymous account. I log out and click the Login button from the forums, but it just logs me in as anon again.

-Happy Endings

Somehow resolved itself. Magic. /shrug

@MonsterMash62 It doesn’t ruin the experience to me, but it is jarring to see that every time I change a page. I hear you concerns about feature discoverability. What if you shorten the quantity of popular tags displayed and then alway show it except when the user closes the drop-down?

@Happy_Endings: Glad it’s working now. I think there might have been a problem with stucking cookies.
If anyone is experiencing problems with logging on to the forum with their correct identity, please log out of both the forum and the main site first, then logon back on the main site and try again. Thanks!

@Guest: If I’ll come around to it, I’ll change the behaviour to make it a bit more consistent. It doesn’t have a high priority right now, though. But please feel free to remind me, there’ll be further “new planned features” postings in the future, and you can add this issue if I should forget it. Thanks!

Tags, search, and refinement

Tag search seems to always perform OR logic. I sometimes want to find stories that have both TAG1 AND TAG2. (E.g. #College AND #Hypnosis)

Ideally, search should support text, field, and tag search. For example, “#College AND Title:Academy AND (Author:HypnoJoe OR Author:MCJack) NOT #Fetish”.

The navigation controls are broken. If one picks, say, a tag with 20 pages of results, one sees (correctly) 1 2 3 … 20.

It should, IMHO, always show the first and last page and the current, previous, and next page, eliding the others.

So, as one advances to page 3, it should show 1 2 3 4 … 20. Moving to page 4 should show 1 … 3 4 5 … 20.

Navigating to page 10 should show 1 … 9 10 11 … 20.

On page 19, it would show 1 … 18 19 20.

If space is too dear, one could drop the previous and next numbered links, since it already shows « and » links for next and previous.

The tag search is undergoing a revamp, but I think @Martin is currently concentrating on a new story submission page, to solve a few quirks with the current page.
Searching is certainly something that’s on the todo list

As for the navigation, it’s working ok for me, but I’m using Edge on a desktop. It is showing a mismatched number of pages (5 pages before, and only 4 after the current page), and if you happen to pick the right page number, you do get dots between page 1 and 2.
I’m sure Martin will add it to the list of minor issues to have a look at.

The matter of the fact is that the search page is causing me a major headache right now. Everything else I wanted to change with the next big update is done, with the exception of the search page.

The problem are the components which are used to access the database, especially hibernate. I had never expected that causing so much problems. I wouldn’t have any difficulty writing the queries in plain SQL, but as it is, I have to use the intermediate layers grails (the language the site is written in) uses (gorm and hibernate) to achieve the same things. This, in my pov is just weird and buggy.

So my plan was to create one single search page that offered you the possibility to search for text AND tags at the same time, while also giving you the option to look for ANY or ALL tags (i.e. the AND and OR selection you were looking for). And an option switch the tag alias feature of and on. As it turned out, this is almost impossible to achieve, at least in the current approach.

I’m not happy with that and I want to find a different approach. But I also don’t want to waste much more time on that, so I’ll just simplify the search page for now, so I can finish it. I’ve spent at least 4 days on the search page alone, and I’m currently fed up with it.

Hey nice on the design for the new update. That said I can’t help but notice the menu function is gone. :slight_smile:

Ditto! I really like how it looks.

@Heru_Kane are you in a phone? The hamburger menu is still there, the colour is just really light, making it difficult to see.