Call for 25-related stories for the Metabods 25th anniversary

Hi folks! Metabods is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022, and I’m hoping to sweeten the celebration a bit by having a bunch of stories in which the number 25 is somehow important (in various random ways) included in the first month of updates in January, starting with the first update of the new year on 1 January 2022 and going through the 29th. If that sounds like fun, cool, and I will be immensely thankful to anyone that wants to join in. I’m happy to discuss further if there’s an idea you want to explore.

That’s all. I hope the new year finds you safe and content.

Metabods site:
Thank you video: A personal message from BRK on Vimeo


Couldn’t resist - submitted a new one over there. I haven’t seen the confirmation email in my inbox, but my emails been being weird this year, so hopefully it got through.

Congrats on 25!