Callout to artists: We need achievement badges!

Hi all!

I’m implementing achievements for our readers and authors. I want to create nice badges for those to be shown on the new user profile that will also be added as part of this.

Unfortunately, the one thing I really suck at is graphics design. So I need help to create these badges. My idea is that there’ll be a template looking like a medal (coming in neutral, bronze, silver and gold). That would then be used as the base for each specific medal for the respective achievement.

  • The template must be circular (like a medal)
  • Everything has to be vector (SVN), so it can be scaled freely

My hope would be that maybe @Foxtrotter, who already created our great rating icons, might come back on board, maybe with the help of other people who can do some design.

The pictures can and should be rather lewd, if appropriate, and shouldn’t take themselves too serious either.

Here are some ideas for achievements, to give you an idea what I have in mind. Suggestions for more achievements are also welcome, and comments on the existing ones, too, of course.

For all users

  • “Faithful Visitor” (bronze, silver, gold, for a certain number of accesses per month)
  • “Horny Wanker” (bronze, silver, gold, for accessing a certain number of stories per month)
  • “Silent Connoisseur” (neutral, accessing lots of stories without rating or commenting)
  • “Sexter” (bronze, silver, gold, for a certain number of comments per month)
  • “Judgemental Reader” (bronze, silver, gold, for rating a certain percentage of accessed stories)
  • “Jizz Euphoria” (bronze, silver, gold, for giving high ratings)
  • “Troll” (bronze, silver, gold, for giving low ratings)
  • “Clumsy fucker” (neutral, for giving a lot of single-category ratings - probably by accident)

For authors

  • “Salacious Writer” (bronze, silver, gold, for publishing a lot of stories)
  • “Lewd Visionary” (bronze, silver, gold, getting high rates for “hot”)
  • “Cum Milker” (bronze, silver, gold, getting high rates for “wanking material”)
  • “Hypno-Master” (bronze, silver, gold, getting high rates for “mind control”)
  • “Nobel Candidate” (bronze, silver, gold, getting high rates for “writing”)
  • “Creative Genius” (bronze, silver, gold, getting high rates for “idea”)
  • “Controversial” (bronze, silver, gold, getting many comments)
  • “Lasting Fucker” (neutral, for writing long series)
  • “Premature Release” (neutral, for writing short stories)

Again, be creative! Any idea for better names for those, or all new achievements are welcome!

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I think this is a great idea! I like the names of them badges too. Reminds me a lot of the badges from DeviantArt.

If I was to give my personal opinion about the badge theme, it would be to evoke a similar concept to DA and have a specific animal or symbol chosen and to make it uniform. Maybe something a little hokey or silly as a means to add some humor. Of course something lewd can also work and add humor, but it depends on what it is.

Either way you go I think it’s a great idea! Can’t wait to see it implemented!

If people could suggest or post some decent clip art (rather than images) for these categories that would be great. Bear in mind that the images need to be fairly simple as they will need to be legible at small size.

Also nothing copyrighted either than might be recognisable.

Ok, since no one but @Footnotized and @BikeSubIrl wanted to add to this discussion, I’d like to try to get is started.

@BikeSubIrl already added a great idea to use a wine glass as the symbol for Silent Connoisseur.

Here some other ideas from the top of my head:

  • Sexter: Maybe a mobile phone with jizz on it?
  • Judgemental Reader: A judges gavel maybe?
  • Jizz Euphoria: Easy, some splashes of jizz, maybe on top of a smiley.
  • Troll: If we’re going to use that name, well, a troll. Another suggestion was “harsh critic”. But for that I don’t have any idea for the image
  • “Lasting Fucker”: (Isn’t there a better name for someone who can fuck for hours?): A red, swollen dick :slight_smile:
    “Nobel candidate”: A college graduation hat maybe?
    “Hypno-Master”: Well, a spiral or a pocket watch on a chain?

Come on, there have to be better ideas out there! Also for the labels themselves. Be creative!

Sorry, I must have totally missed this post.
I have Photoshop :smiley: which I do know how to use. I used to work in Vectors but until i buy a new computer - I can’t run vector-based programs :frowning:

I like premature release for authors that posted one and only one story, especially if it’s part of a series, and it’s been two years since their first post lol.

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