Can I get some help?

I don’t know why but I can not get the notifications that “this site requires javascript to run”, “Be aware this site uses local cookies”, and “Active Tag” to close out and quit blocking half the page. Is this something that is going on with anyone else? I’ve enabled java to work on my laptop but that doesn’t seem to do anything and when I click the Xs nothing happens either. Also none of the tabs at the top of the screen work either. I’m using firefox as my browser if that makes any difference but not sure what version it is only that it isn’t the most recent. Just would like some help on how to fix this issue if at all possible, thanks.

Can you please look in Firefox in the menu under “Help” (in the menu with the three bars) there you’d find “About Firefox” which will tell you the version. I’d like to know the version you’re using, so I can look into it!

Also, I think the problem could be Firefox cache.

Please check the menu “History” and select “Clear recent history” there. Select “Everything” and “cache” to clear the browser’s cache.

Then close Firefox and try again. Please let me know if that helped!

Sadly that didn’t seem to help, and I am on an old laptop that is still running Windows Vista if that helps any at all but firefox version 52.9.0 (32-bit) for the other thing. Honestly my laptop still works just fine but this may just be a sign that I need to start looking for an upgrade because first its this site and then more and more I guess. Regardless though the cache thing didn’t help at all, sad to say.

Hi, Will. OMG!!! Vista? Laptops are pretty cheap now. I have an ASUS I bought for $300, and a Chromebook I got a couple of years ago for under $200. I only bought the ASUS because I can’t play games on the Chromebook. Since I don’t know your situation, it would be unfair of me to flippantly say, “just buy another computer.” But a Vista machine is like playing Russian Roulette. You have no security and I wouldn’t think of connecting to the internet with it.

You should still be able to update Firefox. The current version is 90.0.2. Your version is seriously outdated. I’m surprised it worked this long with the site … you’re going to have problems with many sites if you don’t upgrade.

Firefox 90 lists Windows 7 as a requirement: Firefox 90.0.2 System Requirements ( but I’d still try if it would run on Vista.

A Chromebook is actually a viable alternative if you use the device primarily for browsing anyway.