Can't set a valid pupblishing date

Hi Admin,

I tried to submit a chapter for a series this morning and run into a bug.

When choosing April 4th this year, the form will accept it, but after pressing the submit button, the page returns:

The ‘Do not publish before’ date was too late!

It has been adjusted to 20.02.24, 18:00 - use ‘Edit’ if you want to change it!


I can’t reproduce that on a test story I made up. The issue might be related to your specific story. Can you please tell me which of your stories is affected by this?

Can you reproduce the issue with that story?

Hallo Martin,

es ist das Kapitel 6 der 2 Staffel.

Das wurde ursprünglich am 22.12.23 angelegt.

Beim Editieren scheint die Webseite das Feld mit der Formel „Datum muss zwischen (Heute + 5) & (Heute +60) liegen und lässt die Eingabe zu. Bei Speichern schein aber das Erstellungsdatum geprüft zu werden.

Mit freundichem Gebell



The issue was indeed that the validation code in the backend used the date when the story was first saved to calculate the acceptable time frame. In the case of your story, this was months ago, which made a big difference.

While the validation code in the frontend always used the current date.

It’s fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.

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