Can't submit a story


I noticed while trying to upload a story that it kept giving “Error submitting story. Please email the site admin.”

Naturally I’m a rebel so I’m creating a thread instead in case other people are experiencing this.

I do notice that when I first try to submit it, there is no checkbox saying “18 or older.” After it errors, the checkbox appears and flashes. I check it and resubmit it, but I still get the same error.


Sorry for the problem.

The old story submission page has a serious bug, you cannot submit if you specify tags. It works, though, if you just don’t add any tag (you can add them after the story has been submitted).

I’ve already reworked the whole submit dialog, but it’s not finished yet. I hope I can update everything next week. Please be patient until then, and use the workaround I’ve described above.

Success! Thank you!

Don’t worry about it. It’s the holiday season, no need to stress about it.

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