Caption Competition on Discord

Just a quick post to highlight that I’ve started running a weekly Caption Competition on the GSS Discord, for those who don’t frequent the Discord server.
If you’ve not found the Discord yet, it can be found at

It’s meant as a bit fun, and hopefully encourage more people to try writing.
Image gets posted Monday/Tuesday evening, entries get DM’d to myself, I post them all on Friday evening, and votes get counted on Sunday evening.
Full details can be found on the dedicated #caption-comp channel over on the Discord.

This was last weeks photo -

And these were the submissions, in order of final votes.

1st - whoneedstosleep

Sometimes, Jake can almost remember his life before Drew. Not entire memories but… flashes. Impressions that fill him with a weird kind of longing.

The feel of a football in his hands, leathery and comfortable against his palm. The smell of fresh cut grass tickling his nose. The roar of a crowd as Jake walked onto the field.

Drew seems to know exactly when his minds starts wander though. Every time, he’ll find Jake, will kiss him breathless, and then he’ll strap Jake into his special chair. The one right in front of the screen with the pretty colors and the headphones with the soft music, where Drew will leave him for hours. The chair always makes Jake feel silly, and happy, and so, so slutty. Like Drew says he should always feel. Afterwards, Drew is happy to indulge in Jake’s every whim, and all of Jake’s idle thoughts get lost in the haze of lust as he drops to his knees and begs Drew to throat-fuck him senseless

After all, why should he care a football or some grass when Jake’s got Drew’s perfect cock sliding carelessly down his throat, making him drool and gag and fight to breath, his own cock hard and twitching against his special black underwear as he squeezes his thighs and fights the urge to come.

2nd - lookintomyeyes

Hello, chains.

Hello, straps and collar.

Hello, nudity.

You’re me new best friends now and forever.

Now that my Master finally accepted me, these are the marks of my pride and my joy. They show where I belong to, they remind me what I am, and they make me complete and perfect.

This is what I am: a slave.

This is where I belong: under the power of my Master.

And this is what the marks of my slavery do: they keep me here.

As long as I’m wearing them, I have no way to forget this. I’m always reminded that I’m a slave and I need to submit. I have to submit. I exist to submit.

My entire existence is based on submission and servitude, and I find my pride and joy in it, and this is what the chains and the straps and the cuffs do.

Hello, chains.

Hello, cuffs.

Hello, collar.

Thank you for being in my life.

I can’t own you or control you, I just serve you because you’re the material proof of my Master’s will. You don’t belong to me, not even when I wear you.

I, now and forever, belong to you.

3rd - Danny Storm

Well bud, you better get used to wearing turtlenecks because those restraints are locked in for a week
Yes the jockstrap too

4th - naturallyInconsistent

The emperor’s new bindings

And this is this weeks image-