"Captured at the Club" by Hyptrance


As always, the legendary Hyptrance is in fine form with this one! At its core, this tale is a twist on the delicious (and never stale) trope of a stage hypnotist gone rogue. Hyptrance artfully blends many elements to elevate this to a fresh story featuring his trademark excellent hypnotic induction scenes. (For me, these detailed inductions are always the sexiest parts of any of his works!)

Here we meet two totally unsuspecting, college-aged brothers, including the slightly older and admirably protective “big bro”. Will his instincts to guard his younger sibling be strong enough to resist the hypnotist’s plans? Probably not, but you’ll find out. Hyptrance rounds out the story with some steamy encounters with their neighbor, Mike, the friendly, fit, young cop who just moved in next door. He might just be the perfect new “friend” the brothers have been searching for, at the behest of the crafty hypnotist.

I don’t want to risk giving away any spoilers, so I’ll leave the summary at that. Suffice it to say that you must check this one out ASAP!

@Hyptrance: If you happen to read this comment, just want to say I hope you are well. Thanks for this sizzling piece! Also, please gift us with another chapter to this story, if you are feeling inspired. :slight_smile:

– Alex