Celebrity Casting?

So I’ve seen that stories like Robinhood70’s Prom Night have celebrity casting when posted on mcstories, but don’t have them posted on here. I’m assuming that means we’re not allowed to allude to actual Hollywood celebrities, but what about pornstars? For one of the stories I’m writing, I’ve been picturing a few specific adult film actors in the different roles of the story. Would it be okay to put the dream cast at the top of the story then? And if not, would it be okay if I linked to pictures or gifs of those actors throughout the story instead?

Correct, one of the few rules to publish a story here is that there mustn’t be any reference to a real living or deceased person.

The reason is, that I don’t want to get sued. In theory, if someone reads a story about himself ‘raping’ another person, he could sue me for slander.

Even though the risk is small, I’d rather not take this chance. Just use descriptions that implicate someone, if you really need to (like ‘the famous Thor actor’), without directly spelling out his name.

Linking to pictures, preferably to pictures depicting the role and not the actor, is fine as well, (robin did that in the past).


Thanks for the clarification!

I don’t want to start an argument, but I never understood the desire to have a story that includes pre-existent characters. The point of writing is that the author creates those characters. I find using existing characters seems so artificial - all their characteristics are in place and there’s very little change that anything one writes will fit in with their already well-defined characters.


I completely agree. I’m glad we have that rule.

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I feel that using existing people is a shortcut to introducing people, like sterotypes. We don’t need to go in depth to say what kind of person the jock is, we just need to say jock. It helps save time introducing the story.

Also, alot of the actors are really attractive. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it’s perfectly legitimate to compare your story’s character to a real life person. You could, for example, say they closely resemble X, or their voice sounded just like Y’s. It’s not necessary to actually straight up use real people. That’s my opinion, anyway.

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Fair enough. Actually, the most important bit is the writing, not who the characters are. Probably better to be safe than sorry

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For me, its not really about the actual characters or their personality. Its more that when I’m picturing the story I’m writing in my head, I’m picturing actual people, usually celebrities or pornstars. For example, in a story I’m writing right now, I picture one of the guys being controlled as the pornstar Micah Brandt, so when I include pictures of that character, they’re always pictures of Micah. The character himself isn’t Micah, I usually make up a completely different name, personality and backstory for them, but he does look like Micah in my head.

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