Challenge "Turnabout": wrong final ranking

Unfortunately, there has been a bug in the calculation of the final standing for the latest story challenge “Turnarbout”.

The original calculations didn’t compensate for the fact that stories can now be rated in more than 5 categories. Because of that, stories which were cross-posted to more than one site would be favored, as they can have 6, 7 or even 8 categories to be rated in, which would inflate the final score.

I’ve fixed the algorithm. It now always only considers the 4 rating categories with the highest score for each story.

The final standings which are now online show the fixed order of stories according to the new algorithm.

Unfortunately, the winner of the challenge has changed and some authors even dropped out of the list. I’m very sorry for that, as they obviously were excited to be in the top 5 of this challenge, to now realize that they aren’t anymore.

You can put all the blame for this on me. So sorry, folks…

For reference, here the original results BEFORE the fix:

Nocturn13’s amazing story “Stray Thoughts: Adoption” had to give up the top spot, just because the new top 2 stories got more “Favorite” clicks.

The second place, Pup Jock’s “Enter the Daddy-verse” even dropped out of the top 5 entirely together with’s “The B (in BDSM) is for Béchamel”" and Hexblue’s “Toy Turnabout”. I’m extremely sorry about. I hope you can forgive me … :frowning:

I’ll try my best that this will never happen again!

The general quality of the stories in this challenge was really amazing. I’m so thankful and proud for all you guys who participated in this contest!