Chronological Search

As somebody who doesn’t check the site on a daily or even weekly basis, I find the new search order aggravating. I feel like I first noticed it months ago, though I’m not sure when the change actually happened, and have dropped my site usage significantly since then. I would like to know how to search my favorite tags for the latest stories in those categories if that is an option.

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Unless I’m misunderstanding something, I believe you can just search for the tag, then click on the “Published” column header to sort by date.

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Thankyou. I did not know that was a button that could be pushed.

Just to add to @RobinHood70 's answer:

The result list used to be sorted chronological from the beginning, but that defeated the search engine’s own sorting, which would place the best hits at the top. So I had to disable the default chronological sorting. As Robin said, you can manually sort about all the tables on the site by clicking on the column headers, though.