Cigar men roll call

Alright fellas. Many cigar stories here. Love to see them. Lets get a roll call going of cigar men here!


Not enough for my liking!

I’m hoping McBaer will continue his Fatherly Coaching series here.

Sadly, no one’s heard from McBaer coming up on two years.

We even tried contact him on different discords; He’s vanished off the face of the earth, and is potentially even deceased.
(not joking)

Count me among the cigar smokers here.

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I’ve never smoked one before but I am a huge admirer. Got plenty of b8 material in my head for it.

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I know nothing about Cigars, but I find them incredibly sexy… I find myself getting turned on when I smoke cigarettes haha :see_no_evil:

Always wanted a sexy Daddy bear to show me the way sigh…but who doesn’t? Lol

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I do enjoy teaching cubs and boys to smoke a gar. Brings out all my Daddy instincts.


Well hello there! :sweat_smile::speak_no_evil:


I don’t smoke anything, but I LOVE the look of a Bear with a cigar or pipe. So, and admirer but not a participant.

You go Daddy! WOOF!

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That’s sad, he’s one of my favorite authors. I hope he has not passed on, but it’s not unusual for gay men to just disappear online and no one knows what happened. A lot of isolation and loneliness for gay men. Sure they have friends, but often they don’t have a spouse to be there in their last hours. :cry:

That’s depressing :slightly_frowning_face: Any source to thinking he’s deceased and not just disappeared? I disappeared for a year but of course I am alive. Could it be the same for him?

Mmmff. Definitely would love a daddy to be able to teach…if not force me to become a real man smoking cigars. The idea of gas mask cigar smoking is hot. My ultimate fantasy would be a hot muscled inked up dipping cigar smoking redneck that had a brain drain and lived a simple life of riding around in a jacked up diesel truck smoking and dipping.


I truly hope he’s on hiatus rather than the alternative. :worried:

What was your first cigar and did you bate?

Any stories about becoming a cigar?

Cigar man here. I started smoking cigars after a lifetime of not smoking anything because of my attraction for cigar men. I figured it would be easier to make friends and hang out with them if I smoked cigars, too. Now I have several cigar buddies, some of whom are also fuck buddies. I read that a guy on Tumblr who calls himself Maduromc has stories on here, but that handle isn’t in the list of authors. If anyone can point him out to me, I’d appreciate it. I’ve shot many a load over his Tumblr pictures. Check him out, you’ll be glad you did.

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There’s an author jawhite_miller who’s profile picture came from that Tumblr but I can’t confirm if they are one in the same

Thanks. That profile picture is definitely Maduromc. You can see why I’m slightly obsessed…

MaelstromX had a few stories. Heres one I can think of:

A good bit of stories here too: