Clown M/M TF

Does anyone know where I can find Clown transformation (TF) stories or art sequences?
It’s a very specific kink of mine, and can’t find anything that has only gay sex or just a guy without the involvement of women or tf tg content.

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Do you mean someone transforming into a clown or does it just need to have a clown involved? If it’s the second case, you might enjoy my story Think Pink where a clown is involved with transforming two roommates.

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It’s the first one actually, a guy or guys turning in to clowns. Prefebly how people draw clown grills, white all over the body except the make up.

Yeah I know it’s really specific, might have to either draw or write just because there is nothing like it that doesn’t involve tf tg.

So far I could think of one story Family Circus

Although it’s involved both male and female, there’s no TG content there. And the father and son were paired up together.

Honestly that was a really good one, it’s a shame that the author didn’t elaborate too much on the son’s transformation tough, it would have been so hot to read him changing as they fucked.

Unfortunately gay based Clown TF is rare and I say this as someone who’s main fetish is clowns and clown TF. If they exist I’ve not really seen them but would like to find more.

That being said, and I don’t mind stating this publicly, I love to roleplay so if there’s anyone out there who does RP and wants to do Clown TF (gender doesn’t bother me) send me a message.

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I just found this one, really enjoyed it

This one is 2 brothers being tf and part two involves mother and father.

So… the latest chapter of ‘The More Things Change’ hits this particular kink just a touch. Just FYI. :smiling_imp:
this story seems like it’s what you’re looking for

A well written story, but not what I was after.
wanted a more physical transformation rather than a hypnotic one.