Comment Notification

I would like to propose that there be some form of on-site notification for when a comment is posted on your story.

Currently you have to look at your list of stories and remember the number of comments each one had and see of it has changed.

Or check your emails.

I am proposing that, instead of a big flashy notification, or anything like that, which I’m sure some folks would find off-putting, that new comments show up in the “My Comments” section, which would basically be a hub for all comments we get, either as comments on our stories, or replies in general.


Have you checked out this page at Recent Comments - Gay Kinky Stories?

There’s an option to show only comments on your stories. That’s where I check for recent comments I haven’t replied to yet.

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This doesn’t include answers to your comments, though.

I’m going to improve that dialog to add replies as well, and a small bubble (like the one on the forum) showing the number of new unread comments related to the user.