Comment reply idea

Here’s an idea for future expansion.

Imagine someone comments on one of my stories and I wanna say “cheers”
“or good idea, I’ll try use that in future stories”

or even if someone spots a spelling error, and I wanna reply “edited! thanks”

I know I can post it as a comment, but wouldn’t it be so much nicer if I could post it as a response to a particular comment?
like in the youtube comment when you can reply to a comment.

giving Authors the ability to respond to comments directly, might be a great feature for the future.


Heh. I appreciate the suggestion, and I don’t want to rule it out.

However, please remember that the site is basically hand coded, meaning almost everything has been developed by either Hugh or myself. There are no standard components used for features like the comments.

So I have to relate the work required to implement it against the benefit for the user.

Since you can already answer a comment, this is certainly not on the top of the list.

However, a little peek at what I’m working on:

I want to make user accounts in GSS more attractive. With the following features:

  • Allow to upload avatar pics which will be shown on stories and comments.
  • Add achievements for things like commenting, rating, writing stories etc.
  • Make ratings count stronger (maybe scaled by achievements, too)
  • Allow ‘likes’ on comments which will be notified to the commenter.
  • Allow upload of images to be used to illustrate a story. Could even be nsfw.

Comments welcome… :grin:


I have another suggestion.

We use discord quite a bit.

When you post the link to a story in discord, the summery of the story appears under the story title link (this is awesome, well done, etc)

[‘The Last Hurrah’ by The Dirty Spiders]

Our guy pushes his TFmagic to the limit, and uses his poor lecturer for one last hurrah.


[‘First Costume’ by Cockatrice]

Luke is invited to a special halloween party, though he does not know yet just how special that party is going to be.

However, if you link to your artist name it just gives a generic description of GSS, like this;

[Stories by The Dirty Spiders - Gay Spiral Stories]

Gay Spiral Stories - Hot gay stories involving mind control, hypnosis, transformation and more.


[Stories by Cockatrice - Gay Spiral Stories]

Gay Spiral Stories - Hot gay stories involving mind control, hypnosis, transformation and more.

It would be cool, as an author to have an editable “about/summery” box in your profile that displays as a summery/signature when you click on that author in site on GSS, or, when an author links to his works-in-general with a discord link in place of the generic description of the website.

So what you want is that an author can add a self-description or something? Which is displayed on the Author page and also if you link to the author in Discord (or on Facebook/Twitter etc., they’ve invented that feature in the first place)?

Yes, that’s a good idea and doable. Together with the improvements to the user account, this will nicely round it up, especially if you can add a nice avatar picture as an author.

I hve a soft spot for the GSS logo anyways, but sure whatever works

Keep up the good work :kissing_heart:

Not sure this is the place for this but couldn’t find a subject that I could fit it in. I left a comment on a story last night. The story was Making Dads and Sons. Went back today and the comment had been removed from the comments section. My question is why?

I haven’t deleted any comment recently.

And I would be surprised if any of the other admins did anything like it either, usually this is discussed beforehand. Are you sure that the comment was actually saved? If your connection was bad when you tried to save it it might never been seen by our server.

And then there’s always the chance that there was a hiccup on the server itself - though I’d really hope that this doesn’t happen.

Did you actually see the comment listed under the story or on the list of all comments?

I don’t see a story with that name. Did you mean Creating Dads and Twinks, maybe?