Comments Cut Off?

For some reason I’m noticing a lot of comments lately that seem to be cut off. Is there some software problem with the comenting cutting people’s responses off or are people just posting weird sentence fragments for some reason?

I saw a single comment which looked like it was sent before the author was finished. But other than that I didn’t see any other cut off comments.

Also I can’t see anything wrong with the system myself. But if anyone experiences any kind of problem, he should contact me please and tell me what happened exactly.

I reported this problem a few months ago

But what exactly is happening? You submit and afterwards the text is incomplete?

I went back through the comments for the past month or so. Two were recent but there were a batch back at the beginning of February. I remember there were more earlier but I got tired of paging back. So it was hyperbole to say a lot, but it’s happening enough for me to notice it. Looking at them one on one, it’s probably just people hitting send before they’re done, as you suggested.

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Yes. I made multiple attempts to edit or repost but the comments were all still truncated. I just stopped commenting for a long time after that as I couldn’t say anything worthwhile.

That’s really strange and bothersome. I never encountered that problem.

What device are you using when posting a comment? A phone? Apple? Or a desktop?

So I understand you type in a whole text, click on “Add comment” and only part of the comment appears?


Yes, only part of comment is saved.

In today’s upload there have been a lot of technical changes. Please try again to add and/or edit some comments and check if you still have this problem. And let me know how it’s working for you now, please.