Comments on stories

seems the site has been bombarded (in the comment section on stories) by I think a hack for a gay dating

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Yeah, that’s happening more and more. As soon as I see them, I’ll delete them and block the IP address, but I think there’s just no way to avoid them completely.

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I know you work hard t keep this site safe so thank you, just wanted to point it out to other readers - don’t click the link


Is it possible to disallow anonymous comments?

Of course it’s possible, but not helpful. Most comments are made without an account and the authors would lose a whole lot of comments for their work.

And it doesn’t really help against the spam either, they’s just create accounts as well, as they did in the past…

Would you entertain the idea of letting authors delete or hide comments to help keep the spam post down?

Actually, Admins like mwscot can already do that.

If anyone would like to volunteer as an admin, just let me know :slight_smile:

Authors would only be able to delete comments on their own stories, of course, and that’s not really helpful, because the spammer always spams with a single comment each on a huge number of different stories.