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Community Stories

Community Stories are stories which can be edited by any user on GaySpiralStories. The idea is that the story is continually extended by various people, so it becomes a real community effort.

In the past the same goal has been achieved using an external “Wiki”. Now, it’s an integral part of GaySpiralStories.

The original author of a Community Story is its curator, he can review, edit and delete all changes made by any other user. It’s the responsibility of the story’s author to delete any inappropriate edit!

The site administration will also keep an eye on Community Stories and will delete any inappropriate or rule violating stuff, too.

Note: Even though it’s possible to add a Community Story without using an account, it’s not recommended to do so. Without an author owning the Community Story, there’s no person to curate it! The site administration will be very strict with moderating an anonymous Community Story!

How to create a Community Story

Just submit a new new story providing a starting setting, some characters and a basic idea of what the Community Story is supposed to be about. Make sure that you tick the “Community Edit” check button on the story submission page:


Note: You can also check this on already existing stories of yours by editing them!

Where to find the Community Stories

Community Stories are marked like this:

You can also find a list of all community stories in the menu under “Stories->Community Stories”

How to contribute to a Community Story

Just open the story and click the big “Edit” button of top.

After you clicked “Save and Review” on the bottom of the story, you’ll see a dialog where you should input the intention of your edit. Give a meaningful description there, to help the original author of the story to understand what your edit is about.

How can the original author curate his Community Story

When the original author of a Community Story opens it, he’ll get an extended edit menu:

With that menu, you can see each revision by clicking its number. To see the actual changes made in a revision, activate click the “eye” icon (called “Highlight changes”).

If you want to remove a revision, you can do so by selecting it and clicking the trashcan icon. Please note, that the revision will be deleted permanently, and all later edits, which might already have been added, are also going to be lost!

Check out this article about the revision system to get more details about this dialog!

I wonder if with this you can make a “Make your own adventure” where the curator here would add the settings/base plot and the edits people add you can make them on the new chapter or that would be better to do with a new and possible future feature?

That’s exactly the idea I had when adding that feature.

Or do you feel that it should work differently to achieve what you’ve described? I’m willing to fine tune, if necessary!

Not sure, I got in my head the system has :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I guess what you’re looking for is that other users can add new chapters to a story. That makes sense. And I’m going to implement something in that line on the upcoming weekend.

Maybe, with the option for the curator to still admin the chapters. Still, I published a community story to try it out.

Speaking of which, I tried to edit/add a line after publishing it but when I put save and preview, I only see the “edit” button, not the publish one.

Is that a bug?

No, on a community story, each change is automatically published right away. You, as the curator, can still delete any change you deem inappropriate.

I had implemented it differently at first. Initially, after someone had edited, noone could do any more edits until the curator had approved. But I didn’t like that, it looked like it’s too restrictive - you always had to wait for the curator, which seemed to hinder the progress of the story.

On the other hand, since new edits are always based on the latest version (i.e. include all previous edits), the only way to allow continuous edits was to auto-publish them. At least it’s the only way I could think to make it work.

Oh, by the way, is it intentional that you added the “no sex” tag? So you don’t ever want anyone to add a sex scene?

The no sex tag was implemented for the plot, the first part… Its not intended for the whole story to be no sex… did I made a mistake to put right the tags?

It’s not a mistake per se, it’s just misleading.

The series gets all tags from all story parts, so even if there’s another part without the tag and it does contain a sex scene, the series will still be tagged with ‘no-sex’.

So better only use it if you want to create a single story or whole series without any sex.

You can remove the tag yourself, the decision is yours.

Added a new chapter to the post mentioned.
I see that you’re going to implement something in line of CYOC, hope that would worked out.
'Cause as I see it now, it would be pretty messy if people keep adding alternative chapters

At first, I thought of like providing hyperlink at the choice leading to the next chapter and then in the new chapter there’s a link to the previous one. But I’ll see what you’ll going to do so I wrote a chapter in.

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That’s fine, thanks for adding your part. I’ll move it to a separate chapter as soon as it’s implemented. Probably on the upcoming weekend.

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Saw it and added it, thanks for going along with this idea <3 it should be posted within 12 ours an on the series folder as well. IF not, I hope @Martin or a mod could help me to solve that.

Also, I hope that the fact you didn’t add sex on your chapter its because of the no sex tag, I deleted it D:

Indeed, I always found that idea amazing but there was always TF or straight and not much hypno :stuck_out_tongue: And yeah, I noticed it would be troublesome and messy, but someone had to do it, isn’t it? Hahaha

Well, since I don’t have a pop up or notification that tells me that someone did something on it, I check often.

Oh there was no sex because it just turned out that way, haha. Not because of the tag. Wanting the protagonist to slowly ease into it.

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