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I was wondering if there was any interest in shared community writing. Though not so much role play in character as writing a story.

Maybe we could come up with a theme that allows or multiple mind controllers and their good boys. Like say a council or guild of them and their plots and plans to make the world better.

I don’t know, just a thought. :slight_smile:

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Sort of like the Master PC shorts on mcstories, where different authors write stories within the same world, or using the same characters, or use the same mind control device? 'Cause that could be really cool, to sort of collaborate on

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Yep. Exactly. Shared world and method but different characters. We could create an overall event timeline and then within it various writers can do what they wish.

Maybe we could have it be some sort of secret society or social club or something.

I’m obviously open to ideas. Hehe

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If you want to attract authors for that idea, I’ll put a newsflash on the main page. Just let me know.

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Hey Martin thanks for that offer.

I wonder if it would be better to discuss things here first, then announce, or announce and then discuss. I’m not sure.

I do think if we are to do this then some setting amd writing rules need to be discussed and decided.

Like, say, as examples, no aliens or supernatural. Though say maybe certain limited psionics could be included.

That’s just some thoughts.

I would say though that I would prefer we ban death, vore, and scat. And the same with underage (obvioisly, but I think it’s good to mention anyway.)

Like i said, just some thoughts.

Amusingly enough the soon to be death of tumblr has me wanting to write more. Hehe


I think we could center the stories around a mind control device. Like, around the world, various gay men receive a package containing a device that allows them to control people in different ways. There would be lots of different setting on the device, so different authors could play around with what kind of mind control they want to use for the story (hypnosis, reprogramming, pheromones, reality change, time freeze, etc).

When one author writes a story, another could continue that story, or at least reference it. Like in one story, someone might mind control a politician to do something gay on camera and leak the video, and in another story there might be a news report about the leaked video in the background. There could be story crossovers/collaborations, where characters from two different stories meet. If one author enjoys writing as the mind controller while another likes writing as the victim, they could write different perspectives of the same story.

There are a lot of possibilities, but even if we don’t do any of that, the idea of a shared world could be really cool! And you’re right, with tumblr shutting down, I feel more incentive to write and read content with this community

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Mind control device. Interesting. Definitely potentially a fun way to go about it.

I could see a Prologue of something going on in the skies. Be it black holes colliding sending energy waves, asteroids passing by the world with potential to create debris, or maybe random dark matter energy waves passing through us.

The point is something passed over the Earth and when it did it left behind traces of cosmic energy within shards of every day items or jewelry. Said items in the hands of certain gay men provide them with power previously not seen. How said power manifests varies quite considerably as does the personality of those who use them. The only commonality is all targets are gay men.

I like the idea of each author having to include something of a previous story - it doesn’t have to be a focus, it doesn’t have to be center stage, but it has to be there. A byline in a newspaper, a comment on the TV, seeing a person walking past, interacting with a good boy, something.

I also like the idea of eventually controllers coming together, meeting up, developing alliances and such maybe even leading to federations and unions.

I also like the idea of the timeline having to flow, for all that writers can place events where and when they want.

I also like the fact that not all authors will want to write the controllers, some will want to be the controlled. Which could be an interesting set of situations and such.

Just some thoughts.

I also hope interest in this expands because I think it could be a marvelous opportunity for some community fun.


Wow, that’s even better than a mind control device! Making it cosmic energy that presents itself to different gay men in different ways gives the authors a lot more free reign to do what they want with their stories.

I like the idea that the stories happen over a timeline, with some happening around the same time. I’m imagining an early story from the perspective of a nerdy college freshman who gets Godlike powers and uses it to turn two homophobic frat bros into his worshipful slaves. A few stories later, a different author might return to that story a few months after part one, and at this point the freshman lives at a frat house and has turned all the members of the fraternity into a harem of slaves to cater to his every desire.

Another story might focus on a gay bookclub in a small town who are together when the energy hits. They all discover their abilities at the same time and team up to form a legion of gay mind controllers with the intent of taking over the small town.
A different story might focus on the LGBT Student Group at a large university taking over the school with their collective power, introducing classes for straight men on gay sex, pleasing and serving their gay male classmates, dressing provocatively, etc, with the student group using their power to make this seem normal.
These two stories might happen over the same time period, and a sequel might have the two groups discovering each other and either teaming up or going to war.

These are just examples, but they’re sort of what I think this could be

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Yep. That. I support it 110% :slight_smile:

Maybe a story about a gay therapist who begins gaining over over his patients.

The son of a cult leader who decides to have fun with the men who served his father.

Or a guy who uses his new powers to take over the two co-heirs of a multi-billion dollar tech conglomerate.

Eventually some of the guys will meet. Will come together and decide how to proceed.

Maybe some of the effected are stronger then others leadimg to some being local and others national and a few global.


I’m liking this idea. To add onto the prologue, maybe a mass cosmic Mandela Effect occurs (a dimension where mind control is possible colliding with ours perhaps?)

Thousands of people (majority gay men) gain abilities and/or knowledge on how to control the minds of others and the world changes, though those changes are up to the author of that particular segment. This is a really interesting idea and it’s getting my creative juices flowing. If this became a thing, I know I would definitely contribute a story towards it!

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Should we move this thread to another section in order to get more comments and feedback?

Should we develop certain officiasl statements or anything like that?

@sexydance10sp that’s nifty. Will look more into mandela effect.

So cosmic effects (say the colliding of black holes) leads to a break through the dimensional barriers which cause dark energy to cover reality - especially the earth. For reasons unexplained when this touches certain people - most often by a large margin gay males - they gaim access to miraculous powers.

Let’s have said powers be basic, low level, at first. As time grows so does the power levels.

So at first range is short and scope is too but later on certain individuals might go global. This will develop in time and through training, both self and group.

Maybe we can have the starting stories each start with a cosmic event before writers get to go where they want.

I do think that we should be careful on powers that change everything everywhere an such.

I have so many ideas.

The heir of a major megacorp who needs to take control.

A new college nerd tutoring the jocks and frats.

A therapist helping those with troubles.

An officer on an aircraft carrier who begins expanding his control.

And such. Hehe

Pheromones. Body control. Hypnosis. Small amounts of reality change.

Oh and lots and lots of rimming and buttplay. Haha

I’ve just moved it to Authors & Readers.


An official statement and creating a general topic for others to see and give feedback would great and also see who else would be interested in writing a story based on this community prompt. Should the event/prompt be standardized? Black holes ripping dimensional tears, Cosmic Mandela Effects, Temporal Paradoxes…? The scenarios are up to the author themselves, but the prompt needs to be the common denominator!

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@Martin thanks! Your the best! :slight_smile:

@sexydance10sp good points.

So folks. Thoughts.

What are some things you think Should and Should Not be included. What sort of requirements should each story have in order to make it all fit together.


So I think we use what you already have, with a few more restrictions/requirements:

-Death/violence (characters can die as part of the plot, but no necrophelia or graphic descriptions of gore and the like)
-Scat (unless someone really opposes this, I think overall we’re comfortable with that not being in these stories)
-Underage sex (high school seniors who are 18+ and fully developed is the limit)
-anything else that we as a group deem innapropriate

-After the prologue/intro that talks about the cosmic effects and dark energy or whatever, the first 4-5 stories should be origin stories where the protagonist(s) discover their powers. They should all mention in some way or other that they start on the same date. Like, if the date is July 7th, one story might talk about the summery weather, while another might include a newspaper clipping talking about strange phenomena in space dated July 7th.
-After the first five or six stories, any sequels or new stories that are added should make at least one reference to another story within this world. A character might have witnessed (or been a victim of) the events a different story, or they might hear about the events of a different story on the news, something like that, just to make sure it feels like the same world.
-Make sure to check the timelines of other stories to fit your own. If, for example, a reality change story states that in this world, between August 19-23, the world is temporarily changed so everyone has purple eyes or something, and your story has a portion during August, make sure to add that detail in your story.

That’s all I can think of as of now. Anything I’m missing?


As I mentioned in a comment thread on the story, I’d be open to using The Malltarts Meet Their Match as a test case for the new Community Story feature. It feels appropriate, since that saga began life as a wiki story (Jackie and the Malltarts) before I took a stab at continuing it.

If anyone’s interested in continuing this story as a joint effort, I could write a few opening paragraphs for the next chapter to prime the pump, then see where other people take it. Let me know if there’s any interest in doing this.

Hi Cris,

I think that’s a great idea. Please wait until I’ve made the update on the upcoming weekend, I have some ideas how to improve the Community Story feature.

For Valentine’s Day, I had planned to do a gay adaptation of my photocomic “Conversation Hearts” ( Two guys would give each other a series of heart candies which, when eaten, cause the result written on the heart – starting simply with things like “SMILE” and “KISS ME” before progressing to physical and mental transformations and, eventually, “BE MINE”, which would make the recipient subservient. I won’t have time to write it myself, but I figured I’d throw the concept out there, in case someone else might like to take a crack at it.

Now that I’ve added the Community Series as well, I’d love to see such a continous story. Whether tge format of a single story or series, where each part is written by someone, is better suited depends on what you have in mind.

Maltarts was using the series model, if I remember correctly. But even when started as a single story, where every participant adds a paragraph or two to continue the story line, can always be edited later, to be split up in separate chapters.

I’ll mention your valentine suggestion in the discord chat, maybe someone can flesh it out a bit and give that story a kickstart.

Of course, if anyone is reading this and feels the urge to do that, please just go ahead!