Compliment on your logo

As a relatively new site reader I would just like to say I think your web site logo is awesome it makes me smile every time I see it. Kudos to graphics creator. Is there a creation story the creator might like to share ?


The logo has been created by JoahTheo (see his twitter account here: (14) joahtheo (@joahtheo) / Twitter ).

He created this based on his own creativity and my suggestions and requests.

I’ll forward this to him, he’ll certainly be very happy to read this!

@martin thanks - I just looked at his twitter feed amazing images

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You did something i didnt think was possible.
Well, you and JoahTheo…
I actually opened a Twitter account today, initially just to be able to follow his work.
But OMG, the stuff i have found out there that Feeds my Needs!
I never imagined what an alternate home that place was!
Thanks for the pointer on the opening page.
Ive been enthralled all day long…
But then isnt that what good spiral boys do dddddo ddddoooo…

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