Copyright license flexibility?

I’m currently working on technically my second story submission. I’ve looked at the copyright header for a bunch of stories and noticed that even the community stories use the same “all rights reserved by whoever wrote this branch of the story” header. I’d like my story to instead be CC BY-SA 4.0 (see ).

Would it be a lot of work to update the database to have license as an attribute? Or, likely easier, an associative table which only has entries for exceptions to “all rights reserved”, and the rendering code would look for an entry there first and if none is found it sticks with the usual header? I’m a programmer and I’ve done a fair bit of database stuff so if there’s a github/gitlab/something somewhere for this site I could likely code the update myself if that helps.

I guess it’s actually a slightly more complicated task because if anyone DOES choose to write a followup or modification of the original, that submission would need to comply with the license, which means it can’t go back to “all rights reserved” from a license explicitly designed for sharing…

You can hide the automatic copyright text (there’s a checkbox for that) and add your own.

Just make sure that the licence you’d like to publish your story under, doesn’t make impossible for GSS to carry it.