Cris Kane Xmas Exchange

Anyone know what happened to this story? He had released a few parts of it and now they are gone and he never finished it. I was really looking forward to reading it.

I’ve noticed a fair few missing stories - I rebooted my laptop over Christmas so lost a few bookmarks, but some of my favourite stories are nowhere to be found on the site.

This is Cris Kane. For some reason, I’m still having trouble signing into the discussion board, so you’ll just have to trust that I’m me.

During the Christmas break, I lost momentum on the Xmas Xchange story and didn’t have the enthusiasm to finish it, so I asked Martin to take down the chapters I had posted. I didn’t want a half-written story hanging out there, perpetually incomplete.

I’m still baffled by your problems to log on to the forum, Cris. I wish I could reproduce that.

Would you mind contacting me by email so we could arrange a private chat to go through the steps you’re doing so I can track what’s happening? I’d appreciate that very much.

Thanks for working through the problem with me, Martin!


Can you… regain enthusiasm? it was really good. what did you have planned happen? was the young guy gonna get a present to make him a daddy?

I didn’t have much of the rest of the story mapped out. Glad you liked it. I promise that, whatever story I write next, I’ll finish it!

I just saw this posting I’ve missed before. I wanted to stress, that besides Cris’ series, which I deleted according to his own request, there’s only one other story I’ve deleted. And this was because of its contents, which I deemed to be inappropriate for the site (a plant infecting and in the process killing children).

I honestly don’t remember the story myself, but given that someone’s interested in it, it might be worth re-posting it. Alternatively, if you don’t want to leave it hanging, you can see if you can find another author to hand the story off to (or maybe even just grant blanket permission for some unknown person to finish it sometime in the future).

I don’t know if any of those options would appeal to you, but I thought they might be ways to make everyone happy.