Cuckold story

I’ve been thinking of a story idea, but just no time to sit down and start crafting it, but I thought I’d toss it out here for comment. Oh, and if it has been written already please let me know.

Mark, a ‘bull’–tall, strapping, crew-cut and athletic, clearly a “man’s man”, who cucks this guy Steve by fucking his wife. Steve is forced to give Mark blow jobs and Mark decides he really doesn’t know how to do it right. Mark then drags Steve down to his favorite bar so that Steve can give Mark’s buddies BJs while he instructs. Aside from the obvious humiliation, etc., not to mention that Steve is caged, Marks buds start getting rough with Steve causing Mark to defend him. As the story unfolds, Mark falls in love with Steve and transitions from straight to gay. I am not sure if that is enough transformation for this venue or not.

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I’m into it enough to find the setup and overall direction interesting.