CYOC (Choose Your Own Change) Story

Hello, everyone!!

So bucke started a CYOC story centered around a Marine Sergeant who has the power to transform people into whatever he wants. I have taken up one line of his choices and we want to reach out to authors here that might be interested to take a look and if you like it contribute to the storylines (or create your own line). You can find it at:

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Despite it being the first place I ever discovered written TF porn, I never wrote anything in CYOC, and I probably never will.

I dislike the idea of someone else handling my characters too much.

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I can understand that something you create is very personal to you and you don’t want anyone to mess with that. In the case of bucke and I, we’re taking a collaborative approach to this; we’re both into the military/uniform TF and so it’s a joint process for us. We’re open to see where others take the ideas we put out, so we’re not as opposed to someone else coming in and taking our ideas in another direction. (TBH, some of bucke’s directions are far darker than mine, but that’s also what makes it fun to do. I get to see where he goes as an author and he gets to see where I go as an author.) So if you want to join us, you’re more than welcome; if you don’t I understand where you’re coming from.