Database Download

Heya Authors,

When the last gay hypno place closed there was a zip file of all stories to be moved over to the new site (this one). As a reader I found that very handy as it is an offline text (not html) copy I can read no matter where I am.

How would you feel about that functionality being on here?

Thanks and keep up the amazing stories guys.

I’m not against this idea in principle, but it’s a matter of licencing. The authors give us the licence to host their stories but not to give them away as pure text and not in a huge download file.

So I need some feedback here. Do other people think this would be a good feature? For the whole database or just selected stories? Give me your input here please.

I think it would be good if certain authors had that function, which they can turn on. So for those authors, they can make a series “downloadable” into a file or into an app.

But I hope it doesn’t trouble you Martin because that sounds like a lot of work.

I would be totally cool with it if people want to download my stories. Some stories have multiple chapters or are pretty long. It might be cool to read it outdoors where there is no wifi connection.

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Yeah, I downloaded that file. I found it useful in that I could search and organize stories in different ways (although now with the full-text search, that’s no longer necessary).

I agree with you Martin, that someone who uploads a story here does not necessarily want that story posted elsewhere. Perhaps that might be function for stories posted from now on (not going back). I am concerned that site hits could be reduced if so many people read the stories offline instead of on the website. (That may or may not be a concern of Martin.)

I would have no objection to that type of functionality. I mean, realistically, if someone wants to save a copy of my stories, they can already cut & paste or save as HTML, so I don’t see a big difference between that and downloading it, other than downloading makes it easier to do so en masse.

If anyone does have any concerns, then yeah, I’d suggest adding an opt-in or opt-out checkbox.

Agreeing with opt-in/out, because personally I would not want my stories so easily downloaded and potentially placed elsewhere, though I realize the possibility still exists, of course, just…with less permission.