Deleting a story?

I feel pretty silly, but for some reason I just cannot figure out a way to delete or hide one of my stories? Sorry for a topic something so small lol.

If I recall, it’s only the site owner or maybe the story admins who can do that. It’s rare that people want to do so. I mentioned this thread on Discord, so whether it’s just Martin or Martin+Admins, someone should be along to help you with that soon.

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As Robin already said, just write me a PM and tell me which story you want to be deleted. And no reason to be sorry!

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Hope it’s not The Rings series. That was one of my favorites.

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Don’t worry, it’s the other one haha. :purple_heart::pray:

Thank you all!

Oh good. Hey, while we’re talking about it, any chance for another chapter to The Rings?