Discourse Badges

I had a question about a specific badge, but I figure it’s better to have a thread for questions about any badge, so that’s what this thread will be for. Now, on to my specific question…

I just got a new badge and was going through the list of them to see if there were others that I could get easily without being spammy. I came across the “Certified” badge fairly quickly, and I noticed that 6 people on the site had it. I’ve poked around and found out that replying to your initial message and taking the tutorial is how you’re supposed to get it, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to find anything that triggers the badge. Does anyone know? Noticeably, the six people who have it all got it in 2017, and nobody’s gotten it since, which makes me wonder if perhaps it’s been disabled on the site.

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I was wondering the same exact thing!

So glad I’m not alone in the working to get as many badges as possible thing. Hehe

Lol… I never really bothered much about the Discourse badges.

But, if you’re collecting them, who am I to stop you? :slight_smile: I could create more of them, if you’ve got a good idea for some.

“Certified” is earned by using the “new user tutorial” by the way. Since I’ve disabled that, you won’t be able to earn that one.

Thanks! At least now I know why the bot wasn’t responding to the relevant commands. :slight_smile:

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Can you enable it so we can take it before you disable it again. Hehe

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The tutorial is part of the “discobot”, a bot that greets new users in a PM and offers to use the tutorial. I’ve got messages of people thinking that there was a person writing these messages. And back then, since this was supposed to be a small, private community anyway, I didn’t want to confuse people and explain what this is, so I disabled the discobot altogether.

But since it’s now no longer possible to earn this badge, I disabled it as well, so you won’t be bothered by that ugly non-checked badge any longer :slight_smile:


Yeah, I really don’t feel the need for a tutorial anyway. This isn’t a terribly difficult interface to learn, and almost everything can be clicked on without actually doing anything irrevocable, if you’re trying to figure out what a button or icon does.

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You might want to disable the “Licensed” badge as well. I assume if you can’t get the tutorial, you can’t get the advanced tutorial either.

Done! Thanks! (This stupid sw forces me to answer with at least 20 characters… grrr :wink: )

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LOL, yeah, I’ve come across that a couple of times recently when writing short replies. Also, if I recall, there’s a 7 character limit for the title, which is why this thread is “Discourse Badges” instead of just “Badges”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Changed those settings as well. It was all on the respective defaults, and that’s a bit too restrictive.