Discussion for the new kink sites next to GSS

This is the place to discuss the plans to create new additional sites and the survey for these plans.

See the survey here:


It’s great that you’re thinking of expanding. Thanks for all of the work and consideration you put in! It’s a lot.

Of the ones offered I’m interested in the BDSM one most, although there are other sites that also cover that more than some of the others. There was a genre of ‘mind control’ stories that seemed more common before on sites like O’Melissokomos which were more like breaking someone’s will through training, physical conditioning, behavioral therapy, drugs that make people need sex etc. and brainwashing without the more magical aspects of hypnosis or direct alteration of the mind. I guess that those would likely fall more under BDSM? I think that GSS probably had a culture and audience which favored more direct forms of mind control and so some of those seemed less directly relevant. Unless they still are?

Other than that one of the things I’d be most interested in would be some of the things that were covered by the Narcissus Cursed Men Collection but which are not covered by GSS. NCMC broadened the purview of the site somewhat and then GSS narrowed/focused it again.

Things like transformations that don’t stress mental transformation and mind control, being cursed or haunted by supernatural forces or aliens, being cloned or copied, body swaps or age progression/regression that don’t control the mind, sci-fi elements that don’t change the mind like body modification or enhancement, body horror, muscle theft or muscle gain that isn’t mental at all, even other things like telepathy or mind reading without actually featuring mind control. Definitely not all of those are my specific kinks but it was a nice variety that few other sites really cater for.

Are there other people that miss those kinds of stories? Or a place that you now go for them that I might not know?

I guess a lot of them had mild to more emphasised Sci fi, fantasy or horror elements although I don’t think that’s the core of what was interesting.

Something like gayweirdstories or gayspeculativestories?

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What areas were covered by NCMC that are not covered by GSS? To be honest, while I used to visit NCMC often, I wasn’t that active back then, and I can’t remember their actual rules for stories.

What you describe is actually all covered by GSS. I could name a story for almost everything you’ve listed. I’m usual very liberal in what I allow to be posted, I guess there hasn’t been a single story being denied just because its mind control aspect was not ‘up to my standards’.

So if there are too few stories like the ones you describe, this is only because noone writes them!

I’m a fan of SF myself, so I’d be more than happy to see those stories myself.

Tbh, I don’t see that a gay version of The Twilight Zone or X-Files would get enough interest by itself, but as far as I’m concerned, that can always be a niche on GSS itself!

Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this site.

I have a somewhat specific fetish never quite fits under other headings: realistic transformations; things like tattoos, piercings, and especially hair cutting, coloring, and shaving. I can find stories with these elements in other headings, but I usually have to do a lot of manual sifting. “Transformation” tends to be lumped in with more fantastical changes that really break suspension of disbelief. “BDSM” will occasionally throw in a physical change to a slave, but even that’s the exception, not the rule. Even “skinhead” and “skintight” stories usually focus away from the transformative elements.

I can tell there’s that at least the haircutting fetish community has a sizeable presence online, based on the number of stories on haircutstory.net. That’s the only site I can find that still hosts haircutting stories, and the gay/erotic stories are few and far between, and almost none of them are explicit. I agree with Reynard that NCMC hosted stories with a broader range of transformations that made finding stories like these easier. It might be nice to have a site where erotic transformation stories can be more readily accessed.

Realistic transformations don’t have to be physical, like a top suddenly discovering his hidden streak of subness and turning into a total slutty sub. Or even just realizing that you’re gay in the first place.

I don’t think this will warrant a site of its own. I’m pretty sure it will find a place on other sites, depending on other areas it touches. And since we’ll always have tags, one could maybe find such stories on “Bear”, “BDSM” or even “Romantic” with the additional tag ‘reinvention’ or just “tatoo”, “haircut”…

Wouldn’t that be sufficient?

Hi Martin…

I wanted to give you a couple of things to consider. Being a newbie to your site, please take my suggestion as a… newbie. :slight_smile:

Have you thought of a more generic site like ‘GayKinkStories’? Then you could use the “Category” field when submitting a story to cover the areas that you’re considering (Bears, BDSM, Rubber, etc.). It will also allow you to easily add new categories moving forward.

Obviously, there’s an appeal to having boutique sites.

Things to consider:

  1. A story may encompass more that one category. Someone could have a story about Bears into Rubber. Or bondage while being romantically serenaded by cute fluffy kittens. Where would an author post his/her story. Do they post on multiple sites? With a broader site, stories can easily crossover to multiple categories.

  2. With one site, readers won’t be bouncing around between sites. They won’t have to login to multiple sites. What happens with a user is removed for violating the rules. Do they get removed from all the sites?

  3. A single sit will mean admin maintenance for you. Less upgrade issues moving forward. It’ll allow you to continue being an ‘intimate’ admin for the users. Most sites, you never hear from an admin. You seem to enjoy interacting with us.

  4. On site will allow authors will be able to manage their stories from one central location.

  5. There may be monetary advantage for creating multiple sites. There would possibly be less expense to host a broader single site.

Just a few thoughts. Still loving your site.

Much love, Cupid


Hi Killing_Cupid,

of course, I’ve thought of creating a generic site like “GayKinkStories”. However, looking at the history and the community of GaySpiralStories, I’m afraid this would mean to break something which means a lot to many of our users - including myself. GSS is one of its kind with the very specific kink it serves. I found myself attracted to this kink when I read my first stories on its predecessor (NCMC) and I would feel like something got lost when GSS would become just another gay erotica site.

So my utmost priority is to preserve GSS as it is, while still allowing myself to expand into new kinks and attract new users. And the best way to do that is to create new sites covering more diverse themes.

And about your points: They are all valid. But I thought about this a long time, and I’ve got a solution for them all!

Basically, all the gay___stories sites would still be based on a single database. That gives you a multitude of advantages:

  • The user accounts are shared - if you have an account on one site, you can use it to log on any of them
  • The authors are shared - you can easily see which stories an author wrote on any of the sites
  • Even the stories are shared where suitable - when publishing a story, you can explicitly define on which site(s) it should be published. So if you wrote a story about a super hero in spandex who’s getting tied up and is somehow coerced into serfdom, you could publish it on “Skintight”, “BDSM” and GSS at the same time. All the ratings, comments etc. would be shared across all the sites.
  • Also the search engine would allow you to find stories on any of the sites (with an additional selection which sites you want to be considered for your search).

So basically offering separate entry points for the sites is not much more than selecting the “overall kink category”, but it’s still basically one big site.

And why not put this in just a single site and preselect the kink(s)? Well, simply because I want to strengthen the community for each kink, and each site should have its unique identity, like GSS has right now. Of course there’ll be overlap, but again, preserving GSS is the most important goal for me.

So I hope I could ease your concerns!

And thank you for your input, I value that over anything!

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I certainly wasn’t talking about GSS. It’s taken on a life of it’s own and it’s community is happy. That’s what drew me here.

I was talking about for all the other sites you’re considering. You’re on target about using a common back-end. I was going to mention it, but was unsure of your current GSS infrastructure.

The idea of a common core with multiple front-end sites is spot on. Maybe consider a broad site to start with. When you see a particular kink growing, you can break it off as it’s own community. When a kink doesn’t take off, then nothing lost on your part.

I’m not trying to sell you on a broader site. My thoughts keep going back to GSS. It’s your baby and it makes you happy. It’s obvious you take a lot of pride in it, and you should. Ask yourself if having 5 or 10 more sites will make you happier and will you be able to continue giving GSS the same amount of love? Will you be able to give the other sites the same amount of passion as GSS? Sorry… that’s the cupid in me talking. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you’ve thought a lot of the technical issues through. Keep moving forward.

Much Love, Cupid.

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Martin - the way you described it here (one big database, but filtering accordingly) sounds great in my opinion.

It would allow writers (new and old) to expand their horizons and not be limited to one specific kink. I know I’ve always considered writing BDSM, but I know it must contain some mind control or it wouldn’t “technically” be allowed.

Thank you for all your hard work!