Disussion about stories around obesity

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LongtimeFan wrote:

I’m always surprised by the comments that appear on stories regarding severe weight gain; they usually end up being the most-discussed, and often with this very debate. I’ll start by saying that weight gain of this severity is not one of my particular fetishes, but I do like the idea of a fit guy putting on the pounds (especially a muscle gut or bubble butt!). It’s also a well-written and immersive story regardless of content; I always appreciate good writing.
The thing that intrigues me most, though, is that THIS is the thing that polarizes people the most. I mean, this site has everything from massive incest fests among whole families (“Musclove, Texas”; “The Re-Educator”) to all kinds of racial fetishizations (“Bubble Butt: Office Boy” has Asian stereotypes; the recent series from M. Greene relies on African-American stereotypes and race changes); rape, hermaphroditism, mpreg…but people who accept those things without posting on them will declare obesity as the ultimate disgusting thing that should never be fetishized.

And that puzzles me. It seems to be a reflection of not just society’s hatred and even fear of fat, but also the gay male community’s particular body-image obsession. There are exceptions—“daddies” and “bears”—but even they are usually described as hairy and a mix of muscle and fat. It’s pure fat that people seem to truly HATE. And that hatred seems to be directed at fat people—like being fat is some horrible crime that deserves punishment…
Granted, I’m not innocent. I myself am lean, and don’t find extremely obese people attractive. But I also don’t find them personally offensive, or feel the need to describe how horrible they are and how even talking about them on a site DESIGNED FOR SEXUAL FETISHES crosses a line. And as the author points out, no one is required to read the story—and yet people will go out of their way to read it and comment about how horrible and disgusting it is, as if the very existence of the story offends them.

I don’t exactly know where I’m going with all of this, but if you asked me what my point is, I would probably say that treating fat people like second-class citizens is wrong. If you don’t find fat people attractive, that’s your prerogative. But don’t hate fat people for simply existing, or say they’re less than human because they’re fat. I think that we as a community are the LAST people in the world who should want to expel and hate on others, considering that there are countries in this world where simply being gay is a death sentence.
These are my thoughts, such as they are. Feel free to respond or strike up a conservation; it might be time to create an official account on the message boards. Thank you for reading, and have a good night!


You’ve fallen for the classic pitfall of hatred means any sort of criticism of a person’s physicality. Obesity is a sickness not only of the body but of the mind. You literally cannot stop yourself from eating and it culminates in excessive body fat. These people are sick and pointing out a sickness is not hate…it’s an act of love


How can hate be a positive emotion? I don‘t like obesity physically at all, actually my taste are quite the opposite, lean and slim. I‘m not into too much muscle either.

However, some of my best friends are really fat, and even though I don‘t find the attractive in the slightest, they are really great guys to hang out with, and greeat friends in general.

They are not sick, they just have different priorities in life, which is perfectly fine for me. Extreme obesity, life threatening and all. is another thing of course, but many (not all) normal ‚every day‘ fat people are not sick.

So if someone is into obesity that‘s absolutely ok. It‘s just another fetish. And the fantasy of being turned into a fat slob is just as frightening… and hot for some people… as the thought of being turned into a mindless sex toy.


To the above poster: compulsive overeating is certainly ONE cause of obesity. But there are other causes as well. Some individuals with thyroid conditions have inhibited metabolism; drugs from chemotherapy, antidepressants, or other illness treatments can lead to weight gain, sometimes severe; metabolism naturally slows with age; and bodies store fat differently based on genetics. And that’s not even getting into the environmental causes of obesity. Suppose you’re extremely poor, and then look at the difference between sugary sweets and junk food (which are prepared with lots of fat and salt), and the selection from Whole Foods, which, while more organic and nutritious, have a much bigger price tag.
And finally, I don’t agree that pointing out what you personally consider to be an illness, repeatedly calling it an illness, and trying to shame a person for it over and over is an act of love. It kind of sounds like people who claim that being gay or transgender is a mental illness. That’s not fair. And finally, if someone MUST point out a problem or stage an intervention, I think that’s the job of well-informed family members and loved ones, not total strangers.


Off topic but being trans is literally a mental disorder. Don’t enable them.
But that’s a topic for another day.

All of those exemptions you mentioned are nowhere near as common as being too lazy to exercise and stuffing your face.

Please don’t refer to transgenderism as a mental illness. The mental illness is gender dysphoria; the American Psychiatric Association has stated that “gender nonconformity is not in itself a mental disorder. The critical element of gender dysphoria is the presence of clinically significant distress associated with the condition” (“Gender Dysphoria,” American Psychiatric Publishing, 2016). To identify as transgender is to work to alleviate that distress and move toward helping to heal gender dysphoria, so it is certainly NOT a mental disorder. But, as you say, that is not the issue at hand.
While I disagree with you on obesity solely being the result of overeating and laziness, let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you’re right—that obesity is caused by “being too lazy to exercise and stuffing your face.” OK. Some people do that. Then why is it so offensive to you? Why does it matter that some people choose to do that? It seems like the equivalent of shouting at people who smoke cigars, or do drugs, or have unprotected sex, or even drive too fast, or don’t get enough sleep. Why do you feel the need to criticize people for their choices, and repeatedly shame them for them? What is the point of that? Why do you want to “save” fat people from what you perceive as a character flaw? And do you do the same for others who smoke, or drink, or use drugs?


Again transgenderedism is a mental disorder no amount of dress up or hormones can change your sex
If someone decided they were a dog and actually believed they were one they would be carted off
But it’s a-ok to lob off your dick and inject hormones because of a sick brain.

And shame works
It’s a great motivator for self improvement and it used to keep society more in line. But now every identity and body is valid and deserve respect when obviously they do not.

So please feel free to continue the discussion here!

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These people are sick and pointing out a sickness is not hate…it’s an act of love

And these

Off topic but being trans is literally a mental disorder. Don’t enable them.

All of those exemptions you mentioned are nowhere near as common as being too lazy to exercise and stuffing your face.

It’s a great motivator for self improvement and it used to keep society more in line. But now every identity and body is valid and deserve respect when obviously they do not.

Smell like internet Troll.

The exaggeration, reiteration, and how he didn’t even toned it down after the offended answers is very suspicious.

Though I find it’s a very interesting and important subject and I wouldn’t mind discussing it, it feels like following this line of comments would be unfair. There might be a problem with people accepting obesity in stories, but it shouldn’t be represented by people who basically have fun making a ruckus (AKA trolls).


Here once again we have ‘politically correct’ thinking - today’s particular ‘zeitgeist’ - gone crazy.

Everyone knows that being obese is not healthy. Neither is being a vampire [you’re dead] or a werewolf [you’re a sociopath] - but nobody in 2018 is going to criticise the latter two states in a story.

The fact is that ‘fat’ is unfashionable right now [for about the first time in recorded history as it used to be associated with high status - eating well in a world of starving peasants - and still is in Africa generally]. Nowadays everyone has to be gym fit…

The bottom line is that these are stories - fiction - that is, made up lies. They are not real… All these mind control stories have a bottom line of horror running through them. People need to realise this and get over making these idiotic exceptions…