Does anyone else hate their own work after posting it?

I’ve been noticing that after i post my work here and on other sites, i hate it after i post it. Does anyone else have that issue?

I don’t hate my stories after I post them. Actually, I’m rather pleased with a few of them. But yeah, I do understand what you mean. I will, of course, read my story numerous times while I’m writing it, but as soon as it’s published, I pretty much never read it again.

Sometimes on the very rare occasions that I do in fact go back and skim over my stories, I cringe a little when I see the many ways it could have been done better.

I don’t think this is unusual. I think it’s similar to the way that actors typically never watch their own films. We are our own worst critics!


Yeah, hate’s a strong word, but I certainly don’t feel any desire to go jerk off to my own stuff once it’s on the site. Once it’s written, I’ve gotten off to it as deeply as I’m gonna.

That said - sometimes I’ll go back and re-read my own stories from a few years back, once they’ve had time to fade from my memory. That guy wasn’t half bad.

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Most of the time, when I read older stories (and some of mine go back twenty-plus years), I sometimes want to re-draft, but mostly, I think about where I was as an author and what I was (and wasn’t) capable of at the time.

I’m usually disappointed with my writing ability. If anyone is interested in being an unpaid ghost writer please reach out…

I don’t think I’ve ever really been disappointed in my previous work…just disappointed in myself that I don’t keep working on them haha

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I think we put so much time and effort into writing our stories that , when we finally we post, we are tired of them and lose interest.

I hate my work before I post it.

If it gets to the “I’ve posted it” stage it’s usually only the cream of the cream (not that you’d know from the amount of spelling and punctuation errors!).

Of all the work I’ve posted, I have been unhappy with maybe only two or three stories and deleted one.

All my stories make me cringe. But they’re part of my history. And of a few of them, I’m even a bit proud, even though I know, that some people just scoff at them, which is fine.

The nice thing about GSS is, that it covers so many kinks, and it’s only natural, that only a part of the whole audience will appreciate any single story.

So, to answer the question: No. I don’t hate my work. I just always know I could have done better, and most of all, why the fuck can’t I find a proper way to continue or conclude those series. I’m notorious for leaving them unfinished…