Dreihart Academy

Has anyone read this series?

I think it’s extremely hot and would love to get in contact with the author @Suited to get him to finish it off!

Does anyone agree?

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I see that he’s still working on another chapter.

If you write a comment to one of his previous chapters, that you’re looking forward to new material, that’ll probably increase his motivation a lot :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks Martin for chiming in.

Yea, I’m still working on this, but slowly. Had work suddenly ramp up plus a death in the family and that really put a damper on creativity. Especially as im thinking ahead on where to go. I’ve been doing better and been starting to find that creativity itch again. I’ll have the next chapter and more ready to go soon.

Hey, no worries man! I’m sorry for your loss.

Just want to echo that I’m a big fan of your work.

Hope all is well & that you continue to heal.