Dude where's my story?

I just submitted a story and its vanished… not showing on ‘my stories’ and had a flag about not enough tags (it had Six tags!) and its not even showing on the ‘not enough tags’ list!!)

something broken?

suggest you KILL that minimum tags this as its UNHELPFUL.

I can’t find anything in our system under your author name (besides the stories you’ve submitted 2017).

Are you sure it was submitted properly? What’s the story’s title? Did you get an email confirming that the story was submitted properly (provided you’ve used a working email address when submitting your story)?

The error message about insufficient tags can make it impossible to submit a story before you fix it. Maybe that’s what happened?

In any case, why don’t you just submit it again? If you have troubles, simply contact me at admin@gayspiralstories.com

And I disagree - the minimum number of tags IS helpful for both authors as well as readers - many people are using tags to find stories they like. And it should be in the best interest of an author to make his story visible to the readers, shouldn’t it?

I can’t wait to read your new story, Topaz172!

Thanks… I will try again. I don’t say tags are useless… just that I had six and that seemed plenty to avoid a minimum flag.

Hi Hypnothrill… and we’ll start with femboi sub-species with leg fur that mimics thigh length banded socks. Optimised for bottomwork of course… but not safe if unsupervised.

I suspect that ‘lastpass’ password protector is the culprit